Several months ago I posted about my dismay in not being able to find anything good to buy for dolls in thrift stores. That hasn’t really improved much, what I am finding are items that I’m repurposing. I also posted about my not so great experience on Ebay, it definitely has made me gun-shy on buying anything large, heavy or easily damaged from here on in. I decided to try Craigslist, and my luck wasn’t much better there either, I wasn’t finding much that interested me and when I did, it was seriously overpriced. The only two times I did find a good deal that did interest me, someone else beat me to it. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I discovered the one set of items on Ebay several days later at a hugely inflated price! 😦 It was turning in to a joke around here that the only thing I successfully bought for dolls on Craigslist wasn’t even for me, but the Kit doll I bought my sister for her birthday.  Oh well. At least she loved it.

I have a routine every morning when I get up with my husband: feed the dog, make my breakfast, surf the net while I eat breakfast. I check the same sites every morning first thing, and Craigslist is one of those. (I haven’t given up hope) I check areas within a two hour driving distance, lately it’s been the same stuff, over and over again and lots of overpriced junk. Little did I know that yesterday, my luck was about to change. I found a listing in the Pittsburgh area that was a great deal, and something I had been looking for, so I shot off an e-mail. Then I waited…it was like waiting to hear back from a family member when you know someone has gone to the hospital in labor! Finally, I heard around 11 AM–I was the first inquiry, it was mine if I wanted it, yahoo!!!!! I did have to drive to Pittsburgh, but I managed to arrange to meet them at IKEA, so I could kill two birds with one stone. Are you ready to see what I got???

This was the piece I really wanted:
Kitchen 1

I already have the American Girl version of bunk beds in yellow, I believe these are Battat/Our Generation, in pink. They will be used to make a bedroom for Abby and Zara, I can’t wait to get busy sewing new bedding for it, I’m thinking I might use that Eiffel Tower fabric I picked up. It is in beautiful condition, there are a couple of spots where it looks like there might have been some small stickers on it, but that should come right off.

This is the bonus:
Kitchen 2

So tickled about this set, I’ve been debating on a kitchen for my dolls. I have a room I designated as the “dining area” in my doll house, now they can do some serious cooking! 😉 It is also in great shape, there is one little area on the very top where there are two tiny spots of paint missing, nothing I can’t touch up. I commented to them that it didn’t look like it had been played with much, the wife responded that it had, but that their daughter took extremely good care of it. I’m in awe.  Another case of someone getting “too old for dolls”.  Not this girl!

Okay, are you sitting down? Because here comes the best part of the whole thing. I got all of it for…(are you sure you are sitting down? You really need to be…) $30! Yup, 30 smackaroos. It might be all weekend before I get the smile off my face. Truthfully, I couldn’t tell the condition from the photos on Craigslist, and for the price, even if I had to do some repairs and paint any of it, I still felt I’d hit the jackpot, but this–it’s off the charts! Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!?!

Heading to my favorite thrift store on Wednesday with my sister-in-law, hoping my luck continues to then and I find another (or several!) good deals. Yippeeee!!!!

**after I posted this, I found a tag on one of the blankets, and it turns out the bed was made for Toys R Us. Mystery solved!

5 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. $30???? Ok, you know I’m seriously jealous, right? That bundle was such a great deal! I can’t believe your luck! I can’t wait to see what you do w/ the bunks, and the house where that kitchen set is going! I’m really happy for you!

  2. AWESOME finds!
    I know what you mean about eBay and Craigslist. I look, but am reticent to contact anyone. If I do see something I like, most of the time the ad is over a month old, so I don’t even bother.

  3. I have the Battat green bunk beds and love them. These look exactly like them in a different color so I think you’re right about their origin. Good job on the lot!

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