Doll Sized Finds for January

I haven’t done one of these for a while, 2 months to be exact! It’s not for lack of trying though, I just haven’t seen much, and the few things I have bought, I’ve been saving for my Valentine’s celebration, sorry. Thrift stores have been dreadful too, there just isn’t much at the ones around here. It’s been kind of depressing! I did venture out to have lunch with a friend and while I was there, I decided to check out the thrift store nearby, much better, there is still hope. I’m going shopping next week with my sister-in-law, she’s never been to the big thrift stores in Pittsburgh, fingers crossed I’ll find some cool goodies there.

Monday I spent a whopping $3, but I got some very cool stuff. First I found these adorable shelves, they are in very good shape, not sure if I will paint them or leave them as is. They were marked 79 cents each, I thought that was a good deal. The good deal turned in to a great deal when I got to the checkout, the tag color on them was a 50%, so I got them both for 80 cents, awesome!
Jan Finds 1
I don’t have any walls in my doll house just yet, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them. I also thought they might be cute in the One Broke Girl Bakery project. Time will tell.

Then I found this jewelry box, won’t this make a great bathroom sink unit? I have definite ideas on what to do with it, I just need to go get the parts. Not in terrible shape, it needs two screws in the one hinge to fix that, a repair job on the one corner and some new pulls. I’m also torn on whether I want to paint this one too or leave as is, other than the few things I mentioned, it actually is in pretty good shape finish wise. It has a music box in it, I’m probably going to remove that (if I can), and I need to go get a few things to magically turn it in to a sink. 99 cents, not bad, eh?!

Jan Finds 2

Jan Finds 3

From there I went to Dollar Tree to get a few things, and I was thrilled to find something I was looking for. I’d seen this on some other doll blogs and I wanted one in white. I had already picked up one in black and one in red at my local Dollar Tree, but they didn’t have the white, figures, that was the one I had my heart set on. Not only did they have the white at this particular Dollar Tree, they had a ton of these in general, so I think most of you who see this should be able to get it. Your other option is to go to the Dollar Tree website and buy a case of 36 and share them with your doll friends. (yeah, right!)
Jan Finds 4
It’s meant to be a book light, but it is the perfect scale for dolls! What impressed me first off is how well it is weighted, I was initially concerned that it might just fall over, not an issue at all. If you look closely you can see the clip on it to hook it to a book. Now for the fun part–it’s adjustable!
Jan Finds 5     Jan Finds 6

Isn’t that cool?  And all for a whopping dollar!  It also throws out some serious light:

Jan Finds 7

Another thing is it has 3 batteries in it and they were included, so even if you didn’t want the light, it’s a heck of a deal for that sized battery.

Have you found anything fun lately?

I also wanted to take a second and update everyone on my husband’s job situation and thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Last week they had a big meeting, and it looks like his job and most everyone in his particular area are safe and will be retained. There are about 15 office personnel that will lose their jobs since the main office is in another state, but they were also offered the opportunity to transfer if they wanted to. I definitely feel relieved that we don’t have that worry now, we are still trying not to be over-confident, but are hopeful that this will be an even better opportunity in his career. Time will tell.

6 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds for January

  1. Nice finds! Actually I think that piece would make a nice vanity. Put a wood framed mirror over it, Voila! And I wish I had a dollar store near me. Of course if I did, I’d have LOADS of stuff! LOL! And the nearest thrift store is a crosstown bus ride away. Not too convenient. Oh well…there’s always Etsy! *gasp* LOL!

    • Funny that you should mention a vanity because when I first saw it, I thought that or a sideboard for a dining room. That’s what I liked about it, all sorts of possibilities, and it could change by the time I actually get around to doing something with it. The dollar store is one of my favorite places to shop, ours even has a decent frozen/refrigerated section which is perfect if you want small quantities of something. Dangerous place! Etsy…you all know how I love Etsy!

  2. Great finds!
    My Dollar Tree is pretty big and sometimes I find things and sometimes I don’t. I think it depends on my frame of mind – if I try too hard then I don’t find anything. Since I don’t really have a doll house per se for the big girls I don’t always want to acquire furnishings – that tends to be when I find a must have. LOL

  3. So glad to hear your husband’s job is safe!

    Wow! Those pieces look very realistic! At first glance, I thought both were human-sized! I need to go check my local thrift store and see if I can find anything neat.

    • That’s funny that you thought they were human-sized at first. Seriously, when I looked at the shelves, I couldn’t help but think to myself, what in the world were these intended for? They aren’t big enough to put very much on and I think they would look horribly disproportionate in the “real” world. But for dolls, they are perfect!

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