Our Generation “Tea for Two”

I was excited that I was able to get my hands on the Our Generation “Tea for Two” set, any of the Our Generation sets have been hard to get since Christmas with many stores being completely sold out. We had a trip to the Cleveland area to visit family and I found it there, yay! This is a nice set for anyone in to tea or someone who would like to recreate the bakery or a similar type thing. It does have a few drawbacks though.

I’m not going to show you a picture of it in the box, you all know what that looks like. I’ll start off with the main items:

tea set 1

Very cute, but I have to say that it doesn’t seem as substantial as previous Our Generation items I’ve bought. I was impressed to see that the teapot could actually work as the spout is real, in other similar items it is not.   I didn’t try it out to see if it was in fact water tight.  The lids don’t fit as well as I think they should either. But it’s a cute set, I especially liked the heart design on it.  There are even faux sugar cubes in the sugar bowl.  They are glued in so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

tea set 2
The accessories are nice, includes a tea cozy, a “trivet”?, a jar of jam and a tin with tea bags. The tea bags are just way too cute, I think I might try and make some additional ones so that I can have more than two of my girls drinking tea at one time!

The pastries!
tea set 3
To me this is the best part of the whole set. I was excited because there were no duplications in food items from previous OG sets that I’ve purchased. It is all very well done, the tarts, the macarons, the scones–all very cute! I was very impressed at the fact that the chocolate cookies are two sided, very well thought out. The tray is nice too, I can see lots of different uses for this in different settings.

Now for the bad:
The packaging on this was annoying beyond belief. While it was one of the easier things from OG I’ve bought to get out of the package (which isn’t saying much), I was highly unimpressed with the overuse of tape. Bad enough that I’m going to have to get out the Undu to clean off several of the pieces as they have a lot of residue left on them, but even the adorable little tea bags were taped in to place. I very carefully got them out, but I’m not so sure if a child were trying to remove them that they would be as successful. Not sure why they couldn’t have been packaged in a manor similar to other items where they were held in place with plastic that was taped over so that the tea bags themselves did not come in contact with adhesive.  Here’s a shot of the bottom of the tray to give you an idea of just how much tape they used. Can you say OVERKILL?

tea set 4

To add insult to injury, the trivet (or whatever it’s supposed to be) is only made from felt, which would be okay, except whoever packaged my set wasn’t all that careful and it was totally bent and mangled when I got it out of the package. I will probably stick it inside a heavy book and it should flatten out okay, but I shouldn’t have had to do it in the first place. Grrrrr….

And now for a TOTAL fail:
tea set 5

SERIOUSLY?!?! This is a major boo-boo to me. A tea cozy is to completely cover the tea pot. At first I thought maybe this was one with openings in the cozy to accommodate the handle and the spout; nope.  It’s just poorly thought out and executed.

My final grade on this set:  C

I think the food is very nicely done and several of the other accessories as well.  The packaging on this was ridiculous, several of the pieces are so tape coated they stick to everything they come in contact with and it was totally unnecessary.  What really unimpressed me was the lack of quality on the tea set in comparison to other OG items I’ve purchased and that tea cozy–crikey!  Whoever did the design work on this needs paddled with a cricket bat.  Unacceptable to this WASP!  I hope these design flaws are a one time thing with this set and not a sign of things to come with OG.


11 thoughts on “Our Generation “Tea for Two”

  1. Ha! I agree. The LEAST impressive part of this set to me is the teapot/tea cozy and tea cups! I really like the tea “mug” that comes with the Feel Better set because it it clear like a glass mug and has tea colored insides with a tea bag in it! Ok, so if you had a pot you probably wouldn’t do it by the cup but that is so much nicer. The pot and cups in this set just tumble over. There’s no weight to them and they are easily bumped halfway across the room (or under the couch – don’t ask). I love the desserts and cucumber sandwiches (which are oddly sized no matter how you look at them – how much crust are we supposed to think they cut off??). And yes, definitely too much tape in this set! BTW the feel better set also comes with a honey jar exactly the same as the jelly jar that compliments it nicely. If you don’t have/can’t find that set, let me know!

    • I’m glad to know it’s not just me that thought it was flimsy. And I agree whole heartedy that the Feel Better set tea mug is much cuter, that is a MUCH nicer set. I got it before Thanksgiving, but never did a review on it.

  2. Ooh, I’ve been wondering about this set! The food looks so much better in your pictures than others I’ve seen. But how crazy that the cozy doesn’t fit over the entire teapot! Maybe they thought as long as the spout was covered, it worked?

    • I have the OG table and chairs w/ the teapot and 2 chairs. It looks smaller than the one in your tea set. Maybe the tea cozy would fit that one. Pretty crazy that it doesn’t even fit! I was thinking of getting the sick day set, but I’d have to find an old school style thermometer; there weren’t any digital thermometers in Julie’s time!

      • Hmmmm, I have my thinking cap on the best thing to make a thermometer out of. We don’t want any “Back to the Future” thing going on in Julie’s world! The rest of that set is really nice, way better than this one.

    • Yeah, definitely not done right, that’s for sure! Maybe they thought it went over the cup? The food really is pretty good, better than I expected too.

  3. Oh, Flo! Thank you for this review. I keep picking up and putting down this set. The only reason I’d really get it is for the tray and foods and that’s just not good enough. Between your review and the comments – I’ll definitely be bypassing this set for another one that really grabs me. 🙂

    • They have had several sets lately that have left me feeling “blah”. The two travel sets have way too much paper in them to warrant spending that kind of money (one set is $24.99 and another $16.99), I’ve left them both behind after I saw them in store. Now this just isn’t up to snuff. Perhaps their design team changed somewhere along the way. Not a move in a positive direction.

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