Kit’s “Twin”

One morning over Christmas break, Kit woke up before the other girls and headed out to the living room.  “What in the world?” she asked.  She could see a doll she’d never seen in the house before, and she looked just like her!  She went over to the doll and said “what is your name?”  The doll replied “my name is Kit!”  “Uh, I don’t think so, my name is Kit!” Kit 1 The doll turned to face her.  A million thoughts were racing through Kit’s head. Kit 2 Kit raised her arm.  The other doll raised her arm. Kit 4 Kit raised her arms high into the air.  The other doll did the same. Kit 5 Then Kit dropped her arms down to her sides, and the other doll did too!! Kit 3 “MOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!” yelled Kit.  “What’s the matter honey?” said Mom.  “Who is this doll, and what is she doing here?!”

Then mom explained.  She asked Kit if she remembered when her aunt came to visit, the aunt that brought Felicity with her.  Kit said she did.  Her mom told her that while she was here, the aunt thought that Kit was just the cutest thing and wanted one for herself.  Mom had been looking on the internet and lo and behold on Craigslist, she found a Kit doll for sale.  She contacted the person who was selling her, it turned out that it was his daughter’s doll, and she had decided that she was too old for dolls.

“TOO OLD FOR DOLLS?” Kit yelled.  “That’s ridiculous!” Mom explained that some girls get to a certain age and they think that they are too old for dolls and that sometimes other girls will even tease them.  That made Kit really sad.  But when Mom told Kit what she was doing with this other Kit, a big smile came across Kit’s face.

“Next week is your aunt’s birthday, so I’m going to surprise her with this Kit.  I couldn’t very well let her have you now, could I?” Kit thought it was a wonderful idea, and she helped Mom pack the other Kit (I know, this is confusing!) up in a box to head off to her new home.

Two days later they got a phone call, she had arrived and was getting ready to eat dinner with her new family. “Mom?” “Yes Kit?” “How old are you and auntie?” “Just you never mind.  Just remember that no matter what ANYONE says, you are never too old for dolls!”

Kit 6
“Little Friends” Kit on the left, the “Other” Kit on the right!



6 thoughts on “Kit’s “Twin”

    • She LOVED it! She was totally surprised, when she called, the first words out of her mouth were “I’m speechless.” Kit is supposed to be going with her to her soup club this week, it was supposed to be last week, but they had to cancel (again!) due to illness. She asked the hostess if she could bring a guest, that she didn’t require her own seat, and she wouldn’t eat much! 🙂

  1. Absolutely LOVE this post! At first I thought about the Parent Trap (either version, but Haley Mills is my favorite). Then read on to the rest and had a good chuckle to your answer to the “how old are you” question. So very true – you’re never too old for dolls! 🙂
    Tea Time with Melody Q

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