One Broke Girl-Diggin’ Around!

As I thought would happen, there has been plenty of rebellion against the ridiculous prices AG is charging for their bakery items.  I’m not a bit surprised.  What does surprise me is the reviews from the people who have purchased some of these items, and the level of disappointment in the quality.  Not good.  At least not for AG.  The silver lining in this-lots of creative people getting on board and making their own versions, YES!  Check some of these out:

Something else that kind of horrified me were the reviews on the Grace doll itself on the AG website.  While most think she is really pretty, there are a number of complaints regarding her feet not being uniform and that one leg is shorter than the other!  What the heck???  It doesn’t sound like it’s a minor issue; one reviewer said it was so bad she had difficulty standing up and another had trouble keeping ANY shoes on the defective foot.  Come on AG, for $120 you can do better than that.  I’m glad I held off on purchasing her, I hope they get this fixed.  If you’re curious, go to the AG website and read the reviews.  I’ve also seen several complaints about only one chair in the bistro set.  I’ll agree, that was one of those things that made NO sense, apparently Grace “vants to be alone!” (imagine Greta Garbo saying that!)

Anyhow-back to business!!  To start us off on the right foot with this challenge, I decided to go digging around in my doll food to see what I already had that I could use for this project.  I knew I had some, but I’ll be honest, I was kind of shocked when I had it all together.

Pastries 1

These are Iwako style erasers, the one set I got from Amazon, the rest from Family Dollar.  I’ve heard sometimes you can find these at Target, Dollar Tree and hobby/craft stores as well.  Keep your eyes open!

Pastries 2

English Toffee, Peppermint Bark and Peanut Butter Blossom cookies I got from Pippaloo.  Pippaloo is an Etsy seller who makes so many unique food items and sells them throughout the year.  She has an interesting approach to it too, making her items available once a month and when they are gone, they are gone!

Pastries 3

Pumpkin pie slices and chocolate coated donuts I also got from an Etsy seller named Food2Wear.  For some reason I was obsessed with getting donuts for my dolls and these fit the bill!

Pastries 4

Assorted items from several different Our Generation sets!

Pastries 5

Some of you will recognize this cookie jar I picked up at a thrift store several weeks ago!

Broken up like this it doesn’t look like much, but once I put it all out on the table-wow!

Pastries 6

I would say I easily have as many pastry type items as they do in the bakery set if not more.  I also plan on making some stuff and have my eye on a few things from some other places to add.  Start going through what you have already, you might be surprised!  I know I was.

I also did some further digging around in some of my other stuff and thought I’d share this find.  I originally bought them to go with Barbie stuff, but I always thought some of the pieces were a bit large proportionately.  Yes, they are real Tupperware pieces, just in miniature!  I’ve had these at least 15 years, so excited I have something they actually work well with!


Just goes to show, you might not need to buy all the accessories that a company sells, if you do some digging in your own stuff, you could have something that works just as well!

Do you have a favorite place to buy food type items for your dolls?  If so, please share it in the comments section!  I only mentioned ones that I have had personal experience with, but I LOVE doll food and I’m always looking for new places to buy from. 🙂

Total spent as of January 6                            $11.92

Items bought through January  13                          -0-

Total Spent as of January 13                    $11.92

Until next week!


15 thoughts on “One Broke Girl-Diggin’ Around!

  1. I have been debating getting Grace and now I don’t think I will. I probably *will* get Kit though at some point. My next purchase is going to be Leonie from Maplelea since this month she and 4-5 outfits are on sale for a really good deal 🙂

    • I hope they do too, that’s just unacceptable. I think what stunned me more than anything was the response one of the reviewers had gotten from an AG employee in regards to it, I’d be curious to know if that’s what they are told to say or if she made it up.

  2. That is very sad about the Grace doll. I am really thinking about getting her and some of her stuff, but I will definitely want to check her out for any defects. My Felicity and Rebecca mini doll have the one leg shorter problem – it’s very annoying when trying to do mini adventure shoots.

    I love, love, love your doll sized Tupperware. Fabulous!

    • As I read your post, I was envisioning Felicity and Rebecca listing to one side. Not good.

      When I bought that Tupperware, I remember thinking “I can’t believe I’m spending this much on doll sized Tupperware!” It really is the cutest thing though, I couldn’t resist it, and I’m so glad that when I was cleaning out a bunch of my Barbie stuff that I kept it.

  3. LOVE the Tupperware! I need to get mine out. I did an inventory as well and was surprised by what I have! I wish you were closer to come “play!” (I hope to get a post up next week with a craft to go with).

    • Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t live closer, I think we could get in to all kinds of “trouble” LOL! One of these days we will have to arrange a meet up for me, you and Xyra, I know she’s not far from you either.

      I will be sure to check your blog for your craft and will add a link here too. I was busy making some stuff for next weeks post this morning, I hope it turns out. Fingers crossed!

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