My American Girl Order For January

I was really going to try and be good in January, but then the new AG releases came out and that all went out the window!  I probably would have waited a little longer, but there were two items I especially wanted to have for Valentine’s Day and I was afraid they might sell out, so I ordered after all.  As my husband says: “It’s only money!”

Here are the items I purchased:

AG Jan 2015 The Valentine Gift Set

AG Jan 2015 2
Grace’s City Outfit

AG Jan 3
Grace’s Baking Set

Marie Grace offered to model the adorable shirt from the Valentine Set:
AG Jan 2015 4       AG Jan 2015 5

A very cute shirt that fits very nicely.  Velcro the whole way up the back and very easy to put on.

I chose Rebecca to model Grace’s City Outfit, she looks the most like Grace of all the dolls I own and I thought the headband would look fantastic with her curly hair:

AG Jan 2015 6            AG Jan 2015 7

I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about the shorts in this outfit.  I’ve come to the conclusion that those complaining about them are probably too young to remember when these were in style.  I remember them, not once, not twice, but three times (I’m showing my age):  the early 80’s, the early 90’s, and the late 90’s.  Something tells me that perhaps AG is being fashion forward and perhaps this might be something we see in fashion again in the not so distant future!  I personally love this outfit, which is funny, when I first looked at this collection I was kind of “eh” about it. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, and once I put it on Rebecca-wow!  I don’t regret purchasing it at all.

AG Jan 2015 9 AG Jan 2015 8

A close up of the shorts and shoes-the shoes remind me a bit of Eliza B flats.  Yes, Rebecca is my perfect preppy girl, so who else should be wearing this outfit?!?!?!

Last, but most certainly not least, the set that I wanted from the minute I saw it:


AG Jan 2015 10      AG Jan 2015 11

The little tablet is very cute, the stylus for the tablet was a nice little surprise.  I love how they made a place to keep it when not in use, and it snaps in very securely, lessening the chance of it being lost.  The screen cards are interchangeable and I couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to make your own with a sheet of card stock and some laminating film or clear packing tape.

AG Jan 2015 12

The baking accessories are nicely done, the sifter isn’t open on the bottom but they did make the handle turn just like a real one.  The wooden spoon is real wood and the baking magazine has real pages and print.

And now, for the reason I bought this set in the first place:

AG Jan 2015 13

The Mixer!!!!!!!

I was so excited to see this piece sold as a separate piece with this set, especially after my disappointment in being unable to buy the sewing machine they introduced for Isabelle as a single piece with the smaller accessories.  I’m also a HUGE fan of KitchenAid mixers and had just been drooling over one that used to be sold on Etsy in AG scale. (1/3)  The price was a bit high for this set, but I truly think of all the sets made with cooking in mind, it’s the best.

AG Jan 2015 14
Here’s my vintage KitchenAid mixer from 1988. It originally belonged to my aunt who didn’t use it all that much. (think car that the little old lady only drove to church and back!) When she passed away, my sister got the un-enviable job of cleaning out her house and when she discovered this, she immediately thought of me. I was thrilled beyond words to get it, and it is one of the best kitchen appliances for anyone who does any amount of cooking. Mine doesn’t get used tons, but when I need it, it always stands up to the job!

Just to show you how well AG did on the color, a photo from QVC of the most recent turquoise version:
AG Jan 2015 Mixer   AG Jan 2015 13

Not bad, huh?  They also did a great job on replicating two of the beaters:

AG Jan 2015 15 AG Jan 2015 16

I was speechless when I opened the box and started looking at these parts.  About the only thing I might change on my own is to make a KitchenAid ID strap for on mine.  We’ll see.  I also love the fact that they chose turquoise as the color for this as I have the discontinued baking table as well as the most recent table and chairs set, all featuring turquoise.  I am planning on painting the little hutch I picked up this summer in white and turquoise as well, so it’s going to fit right in.

To add to the cuteness factor:

IT WORKS!  (excuse the poor quality of the video, my camera was misbehaving in video mode, grrr!)  One thing I especially liked is that it only runs for so long and then automatically shuts off, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.  Good thinking for whoever designed it.

Overall, I’m pleased with everything I purchased this time around.  And I’m in love with the little mixer.  If you can be in love with an inanimate object!

AG Jan 2015 17

I wonder what Rebecca and Marie are cooking up there?  Perhaps they are trying out some new recipes for goodies to make for the Valentine’s Day party?  Could be!


8 thoughts on “My American Girl Order For January

  1. LOL! Who knew you had such an affinity for mixers? But that is a cute set. And I like the top to Grace’s City outfit, b/c it reminds me of Laurie Partridge. I’m thinking about having one customized.

    • ROFL! Yeah, I have to admit that I inherited not only my mom’s love of dolls, but of kitchen gadgets as well. And that is soooo Laurie Partridge!

  2. Oh man… I resisted the baking set when I went to AGP, but seeing it in motion is making my resolve weak! I’m glad you got the city set, too! The store was completely sold out when I went. It’s definitely on my NEED! list. 😀

  3. I LOVED the baking set even more in person when I saw it on Saturday but I can’t justify the money just now. The little shifter and pastry cutter were already things I coveted but the mixer in person – with the two beaters – just, well, OH.

    I did pick up the Valentine’s T too and some in store exclusives though.

  4. Thank you for the great review.
    My personal view on the shorts…yes, they are adorable…however, have the French started wearing them? We were told not to pack shorts (back in the 80s) for a trip to France. Plus the walking shorts from the 80s were just above the knee – Bermuda length. These are more like the short shorts that are popular now. However…yes, I “however” a lot when trying to see both sides because I totally love this outfit. I just don’t like the shoes – the pink with the red. If they were all red or black and red I’d be happier. That said, this outfit and the accessories will be added to my collection sometime this year…with that baking set too. 🙂

    • I agree that the shorts are not the right length, but I think ALL AG shorts are way too skimpy, especially for a line of toys that are supposed to be for little girls and should be setting an example. Just like many of the new outfits they made for Samantha, way too short for the era!

      As for the French wearing them-not sure, but I do know that attitudes towards what American’s wear when traveling abroad have changed significantly. I remember our first trip not wanting to stand out like a sore thumb, but now I’ve seen it all from people traveling from all areas, and not just the US.

      • Thank you for the update. I haven’t been out of the country (more than Canada) for quite some time, so have lost touch with acceptable travel wardrobe.

        A few of the Etsy shops have been featuring AG sized crop tops. I know the trend is coming back into style, but I really don’t like it for the dolls.

        Yeah, Samantha’s outfits…the research department stop historical fact finding a loooonnnnngggg time ago. 😦

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