Meet Zara!

I’m sure if you are a regular reader of this blog, you noticed a new girl on the block.  Yes, she’s mine, and yes, she’s an Isabelle doll.  Here’s the whole story:

When I first saw the pictures of Isabelle from AG, I wasn’t all that impressed.  She was just another doll made from the classic face mold.  The photos at the AG website weren’t the most flattering.  Nor was the hairstyle that they had her in.  Her story didn’t appeal to me at all either, I was never in to ballet.  Over the year, I’d seen a lot of pictures of her and I have to say she grew on me.  But I was still on the fence.  I’d already spent enough on dolls for the year too, but as the end of the year approached, I was starting to think I might like to get her.

The morning of December 10th was a game changer.  We always watch the Today show and I was in the bathroom when my husband said “Oh great, they are doing an American Girl offer on Jill’s Steals and Deals!”  I think after he said it he was wishing he had kept his mouth shut.  Of course I watched until it came on, I was all logged in and ready to go, and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the offer:  Isabelle, her cat Tutu and her accessories set for $68! (Regular price $172)  It was one of those mornings that I was glad I am a very fast typist, I was in and had her ordered in no time.  I was hoping I hadn’t made a mistake in ordering her, but at that price and savings, I had a zillion options.

In case you didn’t order it, or you aren’t familiar with how American Girl offers through Jill’s Steals and Deals works-when you are invoiced, they actually break it down by item, showing what the item actually cost after the discount (this time around it was 60%).  The price for just Isabelle-$47.43.  Yeah, that’s right, I got an American Girl doll for just under $48.  I felt like I’d won the flipping lottery.  Tutu ended up being $8.72 (regular price $22) and the accessories $11.85 (regular price $30).  Great deals the whole way around, and if I decided I didn’t want any of it, I could definitely sell off pieces and get my money back.  Made my day.

When she arrived, I opened her very carefully since I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep her.  She’s going nowhere.  I think she is so pretty, even if she is the same old original face mold.  I’m not sure if it’s the shading on her face, the hair and eye color combination or what, but I think she is very, very pretty.   And I’m not usually a fan of blonde dolls either, so that says a lot.  I still didn’t like her story though, and I wasn’t sold on her name either.  So I started thinking about things I liked when I was a kid, and who I thought she looked like, etc.  Then it hit me-she looks like Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara did at that age, and it all fell in place.  And that’s how she became Zara, a horse crazy girl with a sister named Abby.  I never cared much for the name Saige, so this gave me a great opportunity to rename her too, but I kept some of her original story because I did like it.

Isabelle 1Isabelle 2
Natural Light
Isabelle 3Isabelle 4
On camera flash
Here are a couple of shots I took of her, 2 with natural light and 2 with on camera flash so you can get an idea of how she looks. The light at the moment is crappy, so I apologize. (I hate winter!)

A close up of her eyes, I think they are so pretty!
Isabelle 5

The only thing I wish had been available was the option to get her with her ears pierced. But, that gives me an excuse to have to take a trip to Columbus I guess!  After this experience and Marie-Grace, I’ve definitely learned to not rely on the photos on the AG website when deciding if I like a doll or not, which is why I’m reserving my judgment on Grace at the moment.  Hopefully I will get to see her sometime in the next couple of months and make my decision.  I need another doll like I need another hole in my head though.  We’ll see…


8 thoughts on “Meet Zara!

  1. That was one heck of a deal, Flo! I own 5 AG dolls and none of them were new when I got them. As a doll mom who has 16 AG type dolls (soon to be 17) I don’t need any more either, but if I were to get a new one as a gift (like that’ll happen, my family already thinks I’m NUTS), I’d pick # 61, the new redhead, and name her Donna Kathleen Prescott. (Can you tell I’ve been giving this some thought?) But it’s cool to give dolls and new name and personality, isn’t it? Zara is a very unique name. When I hear it, I think of George Jefferson’s mother (from the TV show “The Jeffersons”), as played by the late Zara Cully.

    • Yeah, it was one of those deals I couldn’t pass up. I figured even if I decided to re-wig her, it was still a bargain.

      I like 61 too, I considered her before I found the used Saige. Love the name you have picked out, I immediately thought of actress Donna Pescow, remember her? I have my fingers crossed that they will come out with a doll with the medium skin tone, Sonali mold, long brown hair, her name will be Alya after a character on the British soap Coronation Street. I’ll buy her so fast it will make your head spin!

      Oh gosh, George’s mom, I’d forgotten all about her! She always had something nasty to say about poor Weezie!

      • Yep, Donna Pescow from “Angie”! I thought about how similar the name I picked sounded to the actress’ name. But I already have a doll named after a celebrity. Did you know my Stephanie, (AGOT #19) was named after Bobby Sherman? The day before I bought her (from a toy show), I was watching a Partridge Family episode that featured Bobby Sherman and he was singing “Stephanie” and it was stuck in my head when I found my first AG doll. So now her name is Stephanie Roberta Sherman! Ha!

  2. Congratulations on a great deal and a wonderful addition to your doll family!

    Usually I am driving to work when the deals and steals come on. Guess I may wait a bit from now on. 🙂

    Love how you name your dolls. Stephanie Roberta Sherman is a kick!

  3. Ahh, that’s where the name “Zara” came from. I love it! 🙂 I’m glad you were able to get such a good deal on her (and Tutu!).

    I really wonder who is taking the pictures for AG’s website. They almost never do the dolls justice!

  4. I just discovered your blog and have been reading back posts. I did not think I would get Isabelle nor Grace but changed my mind after seeing them. Both my daughters dance (jazz, tap, hip hop) so even though they didn’t do ballet, Isabelle’s story line and hair drew me in (and I’m not a fan of blond much). I didn’t like Grace based on early photos and AG website photos, but instantly changed my mind in the store. AG does a great job staging dolls in their stores!

    • After your comment, I can’t help but think that maybe AG needs to hire a new photographer for their dolls! Not everyone can go to the store to see them or would be willing to take a chance on just ordering one, they may be losing sales. I know that there are several in the MYAG line that look very different in person from the online photos.

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