Poll Results, Predictions and Holiday Wishes

I’ve officially closed the poll for favorite Girl Of The Year–the winner with just over 21% of the vote is:



In second place with  just under 18% is:

A tie between Saige and Jess

The rest are as follows:

14% Not A Fan of Girl of the Year

7% each for Mia and Chrissa

3 1/2% of the vote each for Isabelle, McKenna, Lanie and Marisol

NO votes at all for Nikki, Kailey and Lindsey

I’m not at all surprised at the top three places, it pretty much went as I had figured.  I based my predictions on current secondary market prices, amazing how accurate that is!  I was surprised to see the 2 of the oldest girls get no votes at all, but not at all surprised to see Kailey get no votes, I never thought she was an appealing doll at all.  Less than 2 weeks till the new GOTY is released.  I will be curious to see just how accurate some of the leaks have been.

What do you think American Girl will come out with in 2015?  We are overdue for a new meet outfit for the My American Girl Line, so I think we will definitely see that.  There has been a TON of speculation about a new historical doll from the 1950’s, I think that is probably somewhat accurate.  I personally would love to see a new doll accessory set focused around some sort of creative art-painting, drawing, pottery, etc.  I don’t think there is any question that something along those lines would do well given the immense popularity of the painting set that was sold for Saige.  I think an expansion of the pets line too would be a whole lot of fun, the sets sold in Costco earlier this year did very well and were beyond cute!  And last, (but not least) an expansion of ethnic dolls somewhere, anywhere–MAG, Historical, wherever.  There are so many ethnic groups that could be represented by this line of dolls.  They (AG) are stuck in a rut.

A couple of posts ago I wrote about a doll I used to have called Swingy.  I didn’t realize that I would trigger an obsession in one of my friends/fellow doll bloggers when I wrote it.  Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule went on a hunt for Swingy and she found one in absolutely fantastic condition.  Be sure to check out her You Tube Post:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk2NRBsGO9Y

The gang here is on break starting mid-week for the holiday, and I’ve promised each of them that they could write their own post.  Kit is busy trying to find out what is going on behind us, so be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of “The Empty House”.  We have lots of things going on over the next two weeks, so I’m sure they will have plenty to write about.  In the meantime, since I will only be advising them, I just want to say:

Happy Dollidays and Wishing You All The Merriest of Christmases and Holiday Seasons!!!



The Empty House

Hey guys, it’s Kit here!  Mom said I could write something for the blog since I was finished with my homework.  She also said that over Christmas break, she would give each of us a chance to write a post since we’d have a little more time, how fun is that?  You know how I love to write, so I’m super excited!

The house behind us has been empty since August, the people who used to live there moved to Chicago.  It’s been for sale ever since, but so far no buyers.  About two weeks ago Marie-Grace and I were out in the yard looking for leaves for our school project and we noticed a lot of activity over there.  Mom did a little bit of checking and found out that the house has been sold.  I’ve been trying to get more information ever since, but I’m having no luck.  We can’t wait to see who moves in, and we’re all hoping they have some kids our age!  The last family had two boys and they were college age, not exactly the best playmates if you know what I mean. 😉

Kit cap
Like my “thinking cap”?


Stay tuned!  I’ve got my best reporter thinking cap on and I’m trying to get information.

What next?

I know that sounds like a strange title for a post, but you’ll understand in a few seconds.  Or minutes, depending on how fast you read! 🙂

What it means–what is next on my wish list?  What would I like to get next?  I see plenty of blogs with gals debating on what doll they would like to have next, what accessories, etc.  So I had to ask myself the question, now what?

January is a time of great excitement at AG, and 2015 looks like it is shaping up to be a big deal.  We only have 2 weeks left in 2014 and very little has leaked out about the GOTY for 2015.  I’m sure that this will generate a lot of buzz and sales for AG.  I’ve seen the photos of the supposed GOTY 2015 and I’ll be honest, I doubt I’ll buy her.  For several reasons:  she’s not unique, she looks too much like Rebecca that I already have and I really think AG dropped the ball in not making her from either the Sonali or Marie Grace mold.  I’m not saying I’d never buy her since so much at this point is speculation.  I’ll make a better determination after the official release, but it’s not high on my list.  I was really hoping for a doll with more ethnicity this time around.  I guess we’ll soon find out.

As for any other dolls, I’m on hold at the moment.  I love the current dolls available with the Sonali mold, but I’m not 100% sold on the hair on either of them.  Not sure why, I’m just not.  I’m hopeful that they will do another doll in the new year with this mold.  Still kicking myself that I missed out on Cecile.  I’ve also thought of doing some eye-swap/wig swap stuff, not ruling it out completely.   Just waiting and thinking.

One thing I really do want is Kit’s typewriter.  Right now it’s currently on backorder which is okay, I’ll make sure I get on the list for one sometime after the new year.  Another thing I’d really like to have is ice skates.  I’m not in a hurry though, I do like the current skating costume, but will probably wait until they introduce a new one and it goes on clearance.  Or look for a pair of the skates on Ebay.  Have to have the blade guards too, not just skates.  If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m cheap.  There are a couple of other outfits I like, but nothing really jumps out at me as “you have to have this!”

American Girl ran a HUGE number of sales this holiday season, and from what I’ve been reading, a lot of it was unprecedented.  I have also noticed that there are a lot of sell outs of items with no backorder dates.  Something tells me that we are going to see a lot of new items coming out in 2015.  Fingers crossed that I am not disappointed.

So I will wait and see what 2015 has to offer.  Looking forward to the new catalog when it comes out.  What’s on your list?