The Empty House

Hey guys, it’s Kit here!  Mom said I could write something for the blog since I was finished with my homework.  She also said that over Christmas break, she would give each of us a chance to write a post since we’d have a little more time, how fun is that?  You know how I love to write, so I’m super excited!

The house behind us has been empty since August, the people who used to live there moved to Chicago.  It’s been for sale ever since, but so far no buyers.  About two weeks ago Marie-Grace and I were out in the yard looking for leaves for our school project and we noticed a lot of activity over there.  Mom did a little bit of checking and found out that the house has been sold.  I’ve been trying to get more information ever since, but I’m having no luck.  We can’t wait to see who moves in, and we’re all hoping they have some kids our age!  The last family had two boys and they were college age, not exactly the best playmates if you know what I mean. 😉

Kit cap
Like my “thinking cap”?


Stay tuned!  I’ve got my best reporter thinking cap on and I’m trying to get information.


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