Favorite Doll of the Year?

Since the year is almost over and the new American Girl Doll of the Year will be announced soon, I thought it would be fun to see who has been the favorite doll so far. Can’t wait to see how this turns out, I have my own suspicions, but you never know! 😉

2 thoughts on “Favorite Doll of the Year?

  1. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I really think the whole GOTY thing is ridiculous. It’s just a way to make people spend more money in 1 year than they normally would. And it’s not like the GOTYs have new face molds or anything really special. And personally, I really think AG dolls should be sold in undies and that’s it. Sell the clothing, furniture and accessories separately and let them decide if the doll is gonna be modern or historical. Most of the young kids modernize the historicals anyway. (really…Kit w/ a cell phone? Come on!) But keep the books, ‘cos it’s good to encourage kids to learn about the past. To sum it up, I think you could turn any AG into what you want!

    • I’ve had mixed feelings about GOTY and one of the reasons is what you mentioned-only having 1 year to buy a doll and all the accessories. That bugs me, not for me because if I wanted something bad enough, I’d figure out a way to get it. But I’m not a single mom, raising several kids and trying to feed and clothe them. A friend of mine is a stay at home mom, she has 4 children. Her oldest daughter loves AG, but with so many expenses and only one income, she isn’t likely to get much, especially not something that costs $275. I think AG needs to do away with these ridiculously expensive accessories. I added it up for Isabelle and if you bought the doll, all the clothes and accessories, you would spend about $700!! I would love to have the little sewing machine, but I’m not spending $275 to get the one item. I probably wouldn’t even buy the set if they reduced it either, it’s just too much money for something I’m not all that wild about and only want one piece from. Quit making everything as huge sets.

      Sharry, your idea about selling them in their undies cracked me up! But really, it’s not a bad idea. Most of my girls are historicals but I have them living as modern girls. Maybe you are on to something?!

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