The Empty House–Part 2

Hello Ladles and Germs! It’s Kit here with the next installment of “The Empty House”. If you remember in my last post, we’d found out the house behind us had been sold after being empty for a couple of months, but we didn’t know anything about the buyers. I’d been investigating ever since, but was coming up empty handed. The day after Christmas a moving van pulled up, so we all took turns looking out the window to see if we could see anything that looked like a kid. In the words of Yukon Cornelius…”Nothing!” We were all so disappointed; all we saw were moving men and two grown-ups that we thought were probably the owners. Cassandra tried to make us all feel better when she said “maybe they will have nieces or nephews that will come and visit?”

On Saturday Marie-Grace and I asked Rebecca if we could try out her new bicycle since the weather was so nice. She said we could, so we were just getting ready to head outside when the doorbell rang. We opened the door, and on our doorstep stood two girls our age, walking a dog.

Empty House 1

“Hi, we’re your new neighbors!” Whoohooo!!!! We were both so excited, we could hardly contain it. The blonde girl spoke first. “My name is Zara, this is my sister Abby, and this is our puppy Finn. Someone told us there were several girls our age living here, so we had to come and meet you.” It turns out that their mom grew up around here and their grandma still lives just a few streets away. Their grandpa died last year and grandma has been very lonely here all by herself and their mom has been very worried about her. They decided it would be best to move to the area to help her out, so their mom and dad arranged for new jobs here and over Thanksgiving they came to sign all the papers to buy the house. They moved here from New Mexico, their dad is an engineer and their mom is a nurse.

Empty House 2

We invited them in to our house, we couldn’t wait to introduce them to Cassandra and Rebecca. They were excited too when they found out that our new neighbors were girls our age. Zara is the oldest, she’s 12 and loves riding horses, when they lived in New Mexico she competed in show jumping. Abby is 11 and loves cheerleading, painting, and reading. She rides horses too, but she is more in to Western style riding.

Empty House 4

Abby asked us if we knew anything about the tryouts for the one open cheerleading spot. “Oh gosh, my friend Sarah got hurt over Thanksgiving” said Marie-Grace. “She isn’t going to be able to come back the rest of the season and they thought they would be able to get by without her, but it’s really messing up some of their routines. I hope you get it!”

Empty House 5

Empty House 6

They stayed for a little while and then said they had to leave as their mom would have dinner ready soon and wonder where they all were. We told them that we were planning a New Year’s Eve slumber party and asked them if they would like to come. “Sure!” they said in unison.

After they left, we were all so excited about their moving in and couldn’t stop talking about it. Sure, we all like playing together, but sometimes it’s nice to have some new friends too. We are really looking forward to our slumber party and having them come over, mom said she would cook some yummy food and we have all been thinking of things to do. Sounds like it’s going to be a really Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to All of Us!

Hi everyone, it’s Cassandra here!  I’m glad to be up and about and able to write this post, that bug I had was nasty!  Luckily, it was quick to go away, and I was feeling better in time to enjoy Christmas and all it’s festivities.  We here at the “Little Friends” house have decided that we must have been VERY good this year, we all got some wonderful things from both mom and dad and Santa Claus.

We each got a big gift from Santa and some clothes.  Mom made each of us a pair of pants and a t-shirt, and then each of us got some items that were things catered to our interests, or things we had asked for.  You know what the best part about getting clothes in this house is?  We’re all about the same size, so we can share all of this fun stuff!

Without further ado, some pictures of what we got.  Mom told us all to each pick out one of our new outfits to put on and she would take each of our pictures with our Christmas goodies in front of the big tree.  Up first–Rebecca!

When we first got up, the four of us went running to the living room.  Rebecca’s big present was right in the middle of everything, a big pink bicycle with a big bow on it.  She was so excited!

Xmas 1

She’s still learning how to ride it, so she wants to leave the training wheels on for a little bit. She loves the basket on it, she can put in a toy or a book to take with her.
Xmas 2

Here she is with the rest of what she got–her new meet outfit, those adorable pink pj’s, a cute stuffed dog, a giant candy bar and two books, one of which is a book of love spells from the TV show “Charmed”.  Look out Billy Winkle, she’s coming to put a spell on you! 😉

Kit wanted to be next.  She got not one, but two American Girl dolls, Isabelle and Julie in her original outfit!  I thought they were both really cute.  She knows how much I like Julie, so she told me I could play with her once in a while when she wasn’t playing with her.  How nice was that?!?!

Xmas 3

Xmas 4
Kit was so happy when she opened up the box with her new meet outfit, she started to cry. “I finally have one!” If you remember, she didn’t before, and she was really sad about it.  She also got a pair of cute pj’s and slippers, a giant teacup and saucer and two books, one on etiquette and another all about tea.  We’ve been teasing her that she’s been watching a little too much Downton Abbey.

One thing that Marie-Grace had asked Santa for was a guitar.  She didn’t really think he’d bring it though, she was afraid it might be too big for his sleigh.  But he did!  She was all smiles when she opened it up.  She’s been playing it off and on since yesterday, mom has been showing her a few chords and such, she’s not half bad.  She will start lessons in January about the same time Rebecca starts her ice skating lessons.  Good thing we live in town close to things!

Xmas 5

She got some really fun things too-that gorgeous sweater outfit she has on, I think it looks really good on her, it makes the blue in her eyes really stand out. She also got some pretty teal pj’s with matching slippers, a book about diamonds (I told her I would like to read it when she’s done with it!), another book about wildlife, and a toy horse.  She’s a little horse crazy right now and can’t wait to go riding in the spring.
Xmas 6

I got all sorts of really neat stuff–I got Julie’s original meet outfit and her birthday dress. I LOVE Julie, I think she is so cool, and I love learning about the 70’s. Mom and I talk a lot about it since that was when she was growing up. Do you see that red thing in the front of the picture? That’s called a ViewMaster. I noticed it when I was reading a blog about the 70’s, and I asked mom if she knew what it was. She said she did and that she had one when she was a little girl too! I was really excited to see that I got one for Christmas, you look in to it and you can see pictures that look like they are 3-D. As they said in the 70’s-“FAR OUT!”  I also got a giant candy bar and two books.  The one is called “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader”, it has all sorts of fun trivia in it.
Xmas 7

Mom said she really likes the white shirt I’m holding up from Julie’s outfit because she had one just like it when she was a kid. She said they are very comfy too. She even dug through some old school pictures she had to show me one of her in a shirt very similar as well. It made me giggle to see her as a little girl.

After I opened my presents, I was a little confused. The other girls had all gotten a big present, and I didn’t see one for me. My first thought was “Oh no, was I bad this year?!” Then mom called me out to the kitchen. My present was waiting out there for me…
Xmas 8

A PUPPY!!!! The cutest little Pomeranian puppy in the whole wide world!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been wanting a dog of my own, and now I have it. I decided to name him Chester after the dog on the TV show “The Nanny”, he was a Pomeranian too. Mom says I have to take care of him by feeding him, walking him and cleaning up the dog poo he leaves in the yard. Not too thrilled about that last part, but I love Chester so much, it will be worth it.

Xmas 9

Mom decided we needed one last picture of all of us together, so she had us gather around the fancy gold tree in the dining room. See that game in the front of the picture? Wednesday afternoon when the mail came, there was this big package. When we opened it up, we found the game with a card-from Samantha! She said that she was having a lot of fun touring around England and seeing all of the history there. She also said she hopes to be able to come for a visit in the summer. I hope so!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with all kinds of food and family visiting. I hope all of you did too. Our weekend is packed full as well with get togethers with more family and friends. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (mom had to help me make it in color!)


Hi guys, it’s Rebecca!  I’ve really been looking forward to writing something here on the blog, and I’ve got something super exciting to share today!  I asked mom several months ago if I could take ice skating lessons.  She said she didn’t have a problem with it, but ice skates and lessons are very expensive.  We made a deal that if I saved my money and paid for my own skates, she would pay for my lessons.  I saved and saved and finally got enough money to get some skates.  Then Cassandra suggested I look on eBay for skates, great idea!!!  I found a pair that looked like they were in good shape, hardly used, and I won the auction, whooo hooo!  Today around lunch time I heard the UPS man out front and sure enough, my skates were here.  I’m so so excited, can you tell?!?!?!?!

I took the package up to my room and opened them up, they are in beautiful shape, even included a set of blade guards.  I’m all set now, I can’t wait until January when my lessons start.

Skates 1

After I was done admiring them, I took them across the hall to show Cassandra. She’s been in bed since last night, she got sick right after we got home from school, poor thing. NOT the way to start Christmas break! She is feeling a little better though, she felt good enough to eat some chicken noodle soup and drink some hot tea. She was very excited when I showed her my skates too, she had a big smile on her face. She is such a good friend, I’m so glad she was able to help me find these online.
Skates 2

Skates 3

Coconut doesn’t like the skates, she keeps wanting Cassandra to play with her and keeps bringing her toy, trying to climb in to bed with her. No Coconut! You’ll knock the soup over!
Skates 4

After I was done showing them to Cassandra (and Coconut), I took them downstairs. I really wanted to try them on and see if I could stand up, but when mom saw me putting them on she said “NOT on the hardwood floor!” Darn!! I did take them outside and left the blade guards on them. I could stand! But cement isn’t quite as much fun as ice. 😦

Skates 5
It’s unseasonably warm in Western Pennsylvania this week, I was able to run outside without a sweater even!

Mom said that when she was my age, she and her friends used to skate on a big pond across from her house. She said it was scary sometimes because it would make this roaring sound when things shifted, plus you couldn’t skate on it the whole winter if the weather got too warm. I’m glad there are ice rinks, sounds much safer to me!

Cassandra will be writing the next post after we have our Christmas celebration, as long as she’s feeling better. I just hope we all don’t catch what she has, yuck! Merry Christmas!