American Girl Table and Chairs with Accessories

A few weeks ago the Today Show ran a Jill’s Steals and Deals on American Girl stuff, yay!!!  Talk about some good deals, especially for someone who has a child who is just getting started on collecting, there were some packages that had a lot of bang for their buck.  My only complaint was that some of them were so large that they were unappealing to a certain extent, one set had one thing I would have liked to have had, but didn’t want the rest of it.  I would have rather seen several smaller sets, but oh well.  Fingers crossed for Black Friday weekend.

I took advantage of two of the deals, one that included three outfits and the other, the table and chairs set.  I’d looked at it a couple of times, and my poor dolls didn’t have a place to sit and eat yet.  When I saw the price I was like “heck yeah!”  Normally the table and chairs set sells for $95.  For this deal, it was $52-and that included the Table Accessories set which retails for $34.  So I got $129 worth of merchandise for $52, awesome!

I was so excited when it came, even with the heavy traffic that these deals produced, my order didn’t take any longer to arrive than it normally would.  It is soooo nice!!!  Extremely well made and thought out, and off the cute scale.

AG Table and Chairs 1

The accessories set includes a lazy susan with salt and pepper shakers/mills, napkin holder, napkins and chair covers.  Everything works too, the lazy susan spins and the pepper grinder top turns just like a real one.  Very well done.   Out of everything I ordered, this was my hubby’s favorite thing, he even thought it was great!

AG Table and Chairs 2

The chair covers are also very well done, they fit like a glove.  I’m not especially wild about the fabric, but I can live with it.  If nothing else, it gives me something to measure to make my own.  😉

AG Table and Chairs 3

The chairs are cute without the covers too which gives you a lot of versatility.

AG Table and Chairs 4

This is definitely one of the best AG purchases I’ve ever made, especially at this price.  The dolls fit nicely in the chairs and can be pushed up to the table tight.  Love this set, my only wish is that they would make the chairs available for purchase separately as I would like two more.  Otherwise, I’ll just have to make my own, but they won’t be anywhere as nice as these!

Doll Sized Finds: Christmas version!

Hard to believe that Christmas is less than a month and a half away, yikes!  Do you decorate for your dolls?  I found a couple of very cute things to use in the doll house along with stuff that I already have.

I had my usual trip to the Dollar Tree (interesting that the word doll is in dollar!) and came across this adorable mailbox all decorated for the holidays.  They had two sizes, this is the smaller of the two, I think it’s perfect:

xmas 1

I really love the candy cane flag, it even moves!  The dolls will be excited to get Christmas cards in this decked out mailbox.

xmas 2

A trip to the Goodwill yielded this pretty little tin for 75 cents.  I think it would be cute to line it with a mini napkin and put cookies or muffins in it.  It would make a cute sewing or craft kit too.  Possibilities are endless!

xmas 3

Last but not least, this awesome little snow globe that I got at Rite Aid.  It’s priced at $3.99 but if you or a family member has a Wellness card, you can get it for $2.00.  It is also available in a snowman, Christmas tree or ballerina version.  At 2 1/2 inches tall, it is just perfect for 18 inch dolls!

xmas 4

I already have a tree in my regular stuff that is the perfect size and I need to dig around to see what else I have.  I want to make a Christmas banner as well, and maybe some other stuff.  I’m hoping to have most of the doll house finished so they can celebrate in their new home.  Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of goodies that should be hitting the stores over the next couple of weeks, many things sold as stocking stuffers make great doll accessories!

Someplace to sit

I’ve been working a lot on furnishings for the doll “house”,  it’s going very well.  I took a day last week to work on the chair projects I had.  Some of you may remember this vegetable bin that I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents:

AG Thrift 4

If you look closely, you can see a strip of tape residue on the front part.  It wouldn’t come off no matter what I tried.  Good thing I had planned on spray painting it anyhow.  I painted it brown, then set to work on making a cushion for it.

I started off by cutting some foam to fit the bottom and the back.  It took a couple of trims on it until I was happy with it, but it was worth it because it was a perfect fit when I was done.

chair 1

Once I had those pieces the sizes I wanted, I then cut two pieces of fabric, wide enough to allow for the thickness of the foam and the seam allowance and long enough to allow for both pieces of foam and a little extra for the bottom.

Chair 2

I sewed both of those pieces together on the two long sides and one short so it created a long narrow pouch.  Then I put the smaller piece of foam in (the back of the chair) and sewed a seam just below where it ended to hold it in place.

Chair 3

I then inserted the second piece of foam and did the same thing.  Then I hemmed the remaining fabric so it hung down over the front, conveniently covering up that tape mess that I couldn’t get rid of.

The finished product!

Chair 4

A far cry from a vegetable bin, wouldn’t you say?

Chair 8 Chair 9

Cassandra says it’s very comfy!

Chair 5

The other chair I had was this mess:

Thrift Store 1
It was filthy dirty, still not sure what that was that was spilled on it, and had a bad paint job. I also painted it brown and did basically the same thing with it as I did with the other chair, but I used quilt batting to make it more of a chair pad as opposed to a cushion.
Chair 6

Because of the way this chair is shaped, I ended up putting ribbon on it so the pad wouldn’t just fall off. I think it turned out cute.
Chair 7
I don’t like this one as well as the other, but it works. I think the first one looks much more comfy, don’t you agree?

I only have two more pieces to paint for the living room, I feel like I’m making some progress. I probably will have to take some time off from working on it to get ready for Thanksgiving, that darned turkey!