Doll Sized Finds-a quick post!

Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I have a lot going on.  And wouldn’t you know, yesterday afternoon I started coming down with a sore throat, ugh.  I’m hoping it doesn’t hang on too long, Thanksgiving eats are some of my favorites, and I’ll be darned if I want to struggle swallowing.  Plus, I’m the cook!  😦

Anyhow, I wanted to quickly share a couple of things I found over the past few days.  First, this cute little gingerbread cookie house.  I found it at Dollar Tree–and this morning I dropped it.  So I too, along with some of you, are hoping they still have them.  It’s definitely not my week.  :/

finds 2 finds 3

The scale on it is perfect though for AG and other dolls.

I also had to run to the mall, and I noticed a lady selling Tupperware.  Immediately my thoughts went to the cool little keychains they have for prizes, and lo and behold, she had a couple:

finds 1

She only charged me a dollar each for them, I just need to get my jewelry making tools out and remove the keychain part.  Too cute!  I’ve priced these on Ebay and they don’t usually sell this cheap, plus there are shipping fees.  Made my day.  🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

3 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds-a quick post!

  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon, Flo. It sucks to be sick during the holidays. (I know!) Y’know another great place to find doll sized Tupperware is on Etsy. I found some really cool bowls and a mini pitcher (like the one AG tried to imitiate w/ Julie’s room accessories) for reasonable prices. (check my blog post “Over At Sunny’s House” Jan. 2013) Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I will have to check that out at Etsy! I love that mini pitcher you have, we had one just like it when I was growing up.

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