Our Generation Packed For A Picnic Set

A couple of weeks ago I was near Target and I decided to stop and see what they had in the Our Generation section.  Let me just say that this line of toys frustrates me to no end.  Selection in store is minimal at best, they show things online that you can never find, and when I did complain to Target, I was treated like the village idiot.  The sad part is my story is not the only one like it, and it’s a shame because this line could be such a HUGE  money maker for Target.  They are really missing the boat.  Yoo-hoo Target-quit treating your customers poorly and listen!!

I was tickled to find a set I hadn’t seen anywhere, and of course, I had to buy it.  While some of the food items were duplications for me from another set, it was worth it to have extras for two reasons:  the adorable polka dot pattern dishes and the basket.  Besides, you can always use more food!

Here it is in the package:

Picnic Set 1

Let me just say that getting this out of the package was frustrating as all get out. Toy packaging gets increasingly more difficult and I’m tired of it. Not only do I not appreciate all the garbage this creates (so much for environmentally aware!), I don’t enjoy the wrestling match. And I’m an adult! I was also concerned when it came time to get the silverware out that I was going to break them, the way they were packaged made them incredibly difficult to remove. I give the packaging on this an F-.

After struggling for close to 10 minutes, I finally got it all out and here it is set up:
Picnic Set 2

Let me just say that it’s even cuter out of the package!!! All of the pieces are very well made and I can see tons of play value in this set. I really like everything that came with it, but one piece in particular stands out head and shoulders above the rest-the picnic basket. Good thing since that was the main reason I bought it!

Picnic Set 3

See those cute little buckles on the front? They actually work!
Picnic Set 4

On the back there is a leather like material (I’m assuming vinyl) for the hinges, just like there would be on a regular picnic basket, very clever.
Picnic Set 5

I was also impressed with the handle that actually moves. It is made out of the same type of hard molded plastic as the rest of the basket, but very well done. Bravo OG!
Picnic Set 6

Picnic Set 7

Almost everything fits in the basket, all I couldn’t get in were the larger pieces:
Picnic Set 8

All that didn’t fit were the chips, coffee pot, blanket and Frisbee. I would say that is pretty authentic, we usually carry our chips in a tote so they don’t get squished and the blanket and Frisbee get carried separately. The coffee pot–I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually take one of these with me, I think this is a rather strange addition to this set. They included one can of soda, to me it would have been more authentic to have included more of those or perhaps a water bottle or thermos. Strange. :/

Picnic Set 9

Overall I give this set an A-.  The reasons it’s not an A+ is because of the difficult packaging and the coffee pot.  Otherwise, I think this is one of the cutest sets they have ever made, and I highly recommend it.  If you can find it. 😦


2 thoughts on “Our Generation Packed For A Picnic Set

  1. The basket is very nice, and I don’t take coffee pots w/ me on picnics either. When I made my picnic set, I decided to go the retro route (big surprise), and make one of those thermal carry bags that looks like a Pepsi can like we had when I was a kid. I also made a thermos w/ directions from a PlanetAG4U video. I posted it on my YouTube channel right before Easter.

    • I saw that, it is adorable! I bet it’s hard to find stuff to use for your blog, you almost have no choice but to make your own on some of it.

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