Platform Bed, Part 2

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but I’ll be honest, until about 2 weeks ago I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to finish it.  But I finally finished it, and I’m going to share that with you.  If you missed the first part, click here:  Platform bed.

I finally decided I wanted it to be a daybed.  I thought this would come in very handy in my doll house project, especially since I have 4 dolls and only room for two bedrooms.  It will be in the living room and can be a sofa by day, bed by night.

I cut two pieces of foamboard 12 inches x 8inches:

bed 1

I then made a pencil mark 6 inches from the bottom on the short side, and 4 inches from the opposite side on the top. Once I had those marked, I drew a straight line from both marks:
Bed 2

Bed 3

I then cut that piece off so I have two pieces for the ends of the bed that are angled:
Bed 4

I glued those pieces to each end of the bed. Thank heavens for my husband and his jars of food product samples, they made great stabilizers for the ends while I waited for them to dry! Don’t do what I did though, be sure to put something under this, I wasn’t thinking and spent some time cleaning up tacky glue off my table pad :/
Bed 5

I let that dry for a couple of hours to be sure it was stable. Then I cut another piece 8inches by 20 1/2 inches and glued it to the back.  Let it set for 24 hours before doing anything else with it so it is definitely dry.
Bed 6

Now that it’s done I just need to paint it. If you do paint foam board, DO NOT spray paint it, the spray paint will melt the foam. You need to use acrylic paint and a brush. I made a mattress and bedding set for it I still have to make some bolster and throw pillows for it. You’ll get to see it when I do the official “House Tour”!  I have to say that $2 for two sheets of foam board was a steal in comparison to what this bed would have cost had I bought one similar.  I don’t know that I would recommend this for small children, but for a kid 8  and over who is careful or for a collector display, it is perfect.

I also managed to get two of my other pieces spray painted at long last, so I have lots of finish work to do on those two pieces. Stay tuned 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You can spray paint foam board, but you need to “treat” it first. I just run white Elmer’s glue along the cut foam edges with a foam brush once or twice and let them dry thoroughly. Then you can spray paint! 🙂

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