I find this annoying!

I’m in a mood to vent a little bit this morning.  Because this subject is a very sore one with me.  EBAY.  Especially in regards to American Girl merchandise.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a warning abut AG stuff being sold from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places in that area as I had reason to believe it was fake.  It disturbed me because it’s being sold as new merchandise, but items that are no longer available and haven’t been for an extended period of time.  I’ve noticed a good bit of it is Molly themed and that is what put up all kinds of red flags for me as she has been archived for a some time now.  I was right too–now that this stuff has been listed for a while, if you go in to the reviews left by buyers, there are plenty of bad reviews stating that the merchandise is counterfeit.  Seriously?  I can’t believe that the demand is that high that someone has had to resort to making fake AG items.  Ugh.

My other complaint is the misrepresentation going on.  Be sure to read descriptions THOROUGHLY.  I was looking this morning for the old riding outfit.  Yeah, they have a new one, but as much as I like pink, when it comes to equestrian stuff, I’m a stickler for detail and authenticity. Show me Zara Phillips in a pink riding jacket and I might consider it, but otherwise, no way.   I was excited to come across an entire set that was reasonably priced and listed as EUC–which stands for Excellent Used Condition.  However, when I read the full description, the seller notes that the jacket has a hole in it.  WHAT?  Since when is that EUC???

Another thing that I see a lot is items being listed as Retired, Hard to Find, No Longer Available–and many times these are items that I know for a fact are none of the above.  A good example of this is the guitar.  I want to get this eventually, but hey, if I can get a good deal, why not.  What was I thinking though-this is Ebay?!?!?!  One of the listings tries to pawn this thing off as hard to find and they are selling it for more than it sells for on the AG site.  And it’s missing all of the accessories, it’s just the guitar and the case.  I guess I will just get it off AG and avoid all of this crap.

Does this stuff drive anyone else bananas???  I’ve only purchased three things AG related off Ebay for this reason-two dolls and a pair of boots.  I have to say that all three of the sellers in these transactions were outstanding and I was thrilled with my purchases.  But because of all of the dishonesty going on lately, I am not even sure I want to look anymore.  It just makes me sad that anyone thinks that because it’s a popular item, its okay to try and rip people off.  As a seller on Ebay I am very honest, and I treat potential customers like I would desire to be treated.   Grrr….

Thanks for listening.  Feel free to continue the vent in the comments.


5 thoughts on “I find this annoying!

  1. You are so true on everything you said. I shop on ebay a lot. AG stuff is made in China.China doesn’t have any copyright laws and it is completely legal for them to copy anything. It’s all fair game. I ordered a several items from Singapore which were fine, I had even asked them if the items were legitimate before ordering. I was pleased with my purchase so eventually I placed another order of about 15 items. You would have been shocked by what I received. All but 2 of the items were unusable. Molly’s Christmas dress was to tight and really short. Felicity’s dress should have come to a v at the waist, which it did bit it was about 1 inch to one side. The issues were not slight.I still am not sure if they were true AG seconds or what. The seller was saffydaniel she acted shocked and asked me to send them back and she would exchange them. I agreed but only if she checked them over personally. It took almost 3 months to get the replacements, they were closed for Chinese New year etc. I finally threatened to contact ebay and the next message i got from her was it was on it’s way. I think there is a lot of this stuff out there now so even when you buy from an American seller you may be buying this stuff.
    It is unbelievable the way sellers miss represent what they sell. That is something that really bugs me. My turn to vent. Twice this month I purchased items that I was the only bidder. Twice they cancelled the sale. (I believe because they weren’t happy with the selling price). When i asked why 1 said can’t find it, but she cancelled as soon as I paid immediately when the bidding ended. Didn’t take any time, not even a couple of minutes to find it. The other claimed it’s just the doll oops sorry the clothes and accessories advertised were a mistake. This brings up another whole issue of ebay help at customer resolutions. I spoke to probably 5 different reps in trying to deal with these 2 cases. Not one of them gave me the same info and they contracted each other!!!! They told me what the others said was wrong! They have no idea themselves I’m still spinning over how crazy it was.One said the seller wouldn’t be able to sell anymore, another said they don’t get involved…
    And the prices! Come on. Seriously! Everything is terribly overpriced.
    As you said many sellers falsely list items as retired and rare. Seriously, 99.something percent of AG/pleasant company are not rare! How many thousands of each item are sold over the how many years it is available? Even the GOTY are sold in mass numbers.
    I completely get what your saying. It is frustrating but believe it or not, i still shop on ebay.
    Wow! I’m normally a very possessive person, but this is a raw topic this week for me. I think it’s good to cast a light into this dark hole.

  2. Sizing, missing AG labels and poor workmanship seemed to be the common complaints, just like you had. Wow to the sellers who cancelled when they didn’t get what they thought they would, that is just wrong!!! And the prices–ridiculous. Ebay just makes it worse because they don’t enforce anything. It makes me mad because I think of someone who knows their child wants something desperately and in our “don’t disappoint the kid” society, some jerk is making money hand over fist. I’ve kind of kicked myself several times over for not buying Saige but there is no way I’m paying the ridiculous prices charged on Ebay. I keep thinking maybe I’ll find her on Craigslist or at a yard sale. If it’s meant to be…

    I prefer dealing with small scale sellers and before I buy anything, I REALLY check them out. I would hope that someone thinking of buying from me would do the same. Both of the dolls I purchased were individuals who seem to run small operations, I suspect they probably buy stuff at yard sales and flea markets, clean them up and flip them. I don’t have a problem with that at all, as long as the prices are reasonable. The lady I bought the cowboy boots from lives near AG Mecca and most of what she sells is stuff that has recently been discontinued, so I imagine what she does is picks up stuff at the outlets and the big summer sale, then breaks some of the sets up and sells the stuff individually. I love that because a lot of times, I don’t want a whole set. But I have noticed that even she tends to overprice some items, she has several things on Ebay at the moment that you can still get cheaper directly from AG. I don’t get that at all.

    Dishonest seller practices are a very touchy spot with me. In the end it costs us all money. I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but sellers not only pay Ebay a percentage on what the item sells for but we also pay a percentage on the shipping costs. Why?? Because a while back, there were a whole bunch of sellers who decided to “beat the system”, they would list items on Ebay for 99 cents (sometimes even less) but then charge a larger shipping fee to offset the price difference. At the time Ebay didn’t charge anything on the shipping fees, so they were only paying the fee on the 99 cents, even if the total sale was $50 with the shipping. Thanks guys.

  3. EBay and I have never gotten along. If you need to trick your customers into thinking they’re winning something when they’re shelling out their own money then there’s something stoogey.

  4. I know this has been a problem, but thankfully, I’ve never had to deal w/ it (on Ebay at least). But all of us are well-advised to heed your warning and be on the lookout.

    • I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed it getting worse with the holiday season approaching? I’ve noticed the price of used dolls has stayed steady, but the discontinued stuff just seems to be going up. And today I ran across someone selling Kit, Rebecca and Kaya for $169.99 each. Just putting it out there, right now AG is offering free shipping for purchases over $100, so you can get these same dolls for $115 and have some recourse if something is wrong. The free shipping goes clear up till mid-November too.

      I also ran across someone selling Saige–and when you go in to the listing, it says they have more than 10 available, and they have already sold 104 of them. What’s up with that?!?!

      I guess my cheapskate roots are showing.

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