Doll Sized Finds-Dollar Deals!

Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to get back to the doll house just yet, too many things going on.  I did however find two really cool things that I wanted to share with everyone in case they wanted to try and find them for their own doll homes.

I did take some time to see how my furniture fits in the spaces I have set up and the truth is-I need no more furniture!  I guess that’s a good thing. So now it’s more about trying to find all the “little” stuff to make the house feel more like a home.  This is almost as fun as finding the furniture.  Last week I needed to make my regular trek to Dollar Tree to pick up dog treats and human snacks when I ran across these:

Dollar Deals 1

I was really hoping I would eventually run across something I could use for lamps and these are perfect beyond my wildest expectations. They are supposed to glow in the dark, and they do, just not all that impressively. I don’t care because I fully intend to cover the shade parts with scrapbook paper to coordinate with whichever room they are going to go in to. These were the only two I saw at my Dollar Tree but they weren’t even in a spot where I thought you might find them to begin with, so I could be wrong. I’m just excited I found them.

Next, while waiting for my prescription to be filled, I had some time to kill in Rite Aid and I decided to check out their dollar section. First I found some wooden spoons for my own kitchen, and then I found these:
Dollar Deals 2

I took one look at these and thought “hampers!” They are absolutely perfect size wise, so I picked up two, one for in the bedroom area and one for the bath.

One day last week I did run in to the Goodwill, it was rather slim pickings, but I did find this cute mini beer stein:
Dollar Deals 3

I think it will look great on one of the shelves of that boat shaped shelving unit. In case you didn’t know (I didn’t), Mainz is in Germany.

I’m finally starting to get over this stupid sinus infection and just in time–the weather forecast starting tomorrow is for good weather, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will FINALLY get around to spray painting some of this furniture I have. I sure hope so, now that I actually have somewhere to put it, I really would like to get it finished.  It’s supposed to be good for four days, so keep thinking positive thoughts for me-no rain or wind, just sun and dry air! 😉


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