So excited!

I bought something over the weekend:

House 1 House 2

Any ideas what this is going to be?????

If you guessed a doll “house”, you guessed right!  I’ve been researching a lot of different options.  Of course, there is the obvious actual doll house.  Only problem is that most of them were huge or didn’t have a layout that I liked.  Then I looked at several different layouts using bookcases which were really nice, my favorite being the one that utilitizes the PAX Wardrobe sold by IKEA.  Also huge though, so not a great option.  I wanted something easy to assemble, easy to move if necessary and not so tall that I had to stand on a step ladder to get to the top!  Then I came across a pin on Pinterest, then another, where they used these shelves-loved it!  It was just the size I wanted with the ability to move it easily if necessary.

I also purchased 12 pieces of PVC pipe, 1 1/4 inch size by 24 inches long to put in place of the pipe that came with it, not enough space between shelves for the dolls to stand or to accommodate some of the larger furniture pieces with the existing ones.  Here it is assembled:

House 3

The shelving unit was just around $54 and the pipes were just a little over $3 each, my total bill at Home Depot with tax was around $97 (give or take a little).  I then went back the next day to pick up vinyl floor tile, I spent around $14.  Here’s the pile waiting for me:

House 4

I think is going to work out really well. Right now the whole thing is in my spare bedroom until I get it finished AND decide where it’s going to go. I didn’t think that far ahead just yet. 😉 Considering when I started all of this I was just wanting to do a bedroom diorama, we’re way past that now. I am excited about refinishing all of those furniture pieces I picked up at thrift stores and yard sales for in it, along with some unfinished pieces I picked up at a couple of craft stores.

A quick tour:
The ground floor-living room/sleeping space on left, dining area on right
House 5

House 6

Second floor bedrooms:

House 7

House 8
There is space above the one bedroom that currently has a bunch of junk on it that I think I will eventually turn in to a bathroom and storage.

The girls were so excited about having all this space, they insisted on sleeping in it that night, even though there were no floors and two of the beds aren’t even finished. Rebecca drug out an old AG sleeping bag I had:
House 9
I had them all pose for me to signal the start of “construction”. House 10

The biggest thing I have to decide is how I want to handle the outer walls. I have several ideas, I just need to figure out which is going to work the best. I want the ability to disassemble the whole thing if necessary for storage, so I have to decide carefully.  The rest I have pretty much figured out already, I just need the weather to cooperate so I can spray paint, still waiting!  I hate having all these ideas for the furniture and not be able to move forward with it.

I was going to work on the flooring today, but not with the headache I have, ugh!  I will be sure to take photos when it’s all “installed”, each room is going to have a different tile pattern in it.

Since I had someone ask after I posted this, here is a link to the shelving on the Home Depot website:



4 thoughts on “So excited!

  1. Looking good! I have the old deep wooden shelving system from IKEA for my dolls so it is sturdy but can be dismantled. It’s amazing how much space it all takes up but I still prefer this scale to smaller ones! I used carpet scraps and placemats as rugs and adhesive floor tiles for my floors (and stuck nothing down). Looking forward to the furnished views (I know it’s not going to be “finished!”)!

    • There was another one from IKEA that I liked that was the old style wooden shelving, but according to their website it wasn’t in stock at my IKEA and didn’t look like it would ever be. LOL at “finished”, yeah right!

    • Yeah, I guess I could do that! I’ll have to see which camera works best for that kind of stuff. But not till it’s mostly finished and furnished! 😉

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