Have you checked out Etsy?

What’s that, you haven’t heard of Etsy?  Well let me tell you about it!  Etsy is an online community where people can buy and sell a variety of things in several different categories:  craft supplies, antique/vintage items and handmade items.  My favorite way to describe Etsy is the world’s biggest craft show you can attend without leaving the comfort of your own home.  I’ve been shopping there for a couple of years, buying fabric, ribbon, jewelry and gift items.  I love the idea that I can buy something unique and support a small business owner.

Several of my friends went together and bought me a gift certificate to Etsy for my birthday, what a great surprise!  Hmm…what to get…  Well, I did buy a ring I’d had my eye on, but I thought it would be fun to buy some doll stuff.  I’ve looked at plenty of it,  just hadn’t taken the plunge yet.  Let me just say that there are literally TONS of things available for the 18 inch doll collector:  furniture, clothing, fake food, you name it.  Narrowing it down was going to be harder than I thought!  I did end up getting two items and I just love both of them.

The first item I purchased was this:  (I told Cassandra she could be my model today since she’s the new girl!)

Etsy 1

I just fell in love with the colors in this cute dress and coat.  The necklace came with it too.  🙂  I think it looks great on Cassandra with her dark hair and dark eyes, in fact I haven’t even tried it on any of my other dolls, I just like looking at her in it.

Etsy 2

A view of the back and the hood.  I love how it fits and looks, a perfect fall outfit.

Etsy 3

A view of the dress by itself.  It is all one piece, the skirt is attached to the top, I think it makes it hang nicer on the doll.

Etsy 4

A not so great close up the necklace, I think it’s so cute!  It was a surprise in the package 🙂

Etsy 5

The interior of the coat was fully lined, even the sleeves.  I wonder if I could get her to make one for me in human size?

The Etsy seller that I purchased this outfit was Leslie Camille’s Closet.  She has so many cute things, be sure to check her out!


A couple of days after I got this outfit, I came across the cutest little jacket.  I pinned it to my favorites board and sat on it for a day or two.  Finally I decided to go ahead and get it, and I’m so glad I did, this is such a great piece:

Etsy 6

I actually have not one, but two jackets for myself like this, so I guess this is my “dress like your doll” coat. 😉  The craftsmanship on this little coat is exquisite, I was very impressed.

Etsy 7

A view of the back.  The fit on this coat is great too.

Etsy 8

The finish job on this coat is fantastic, I was really impressed with the attention to detail.

Etsy 9

She even lined the pockets!  WOW!

I purchased this coat from If Dolls Could Dream.  She also has some really cute clothing and accessory items that you should check out.  I definitely will be checking both of these sellers on a regular basis to see what else they have, not only are their pieces very well made, but their prices were very reasonable.  I’m not going to specify prices on these items only because I don’t want to cause any issues for the sellers should they change their pricing, but I will say that they were both under $20 each.  More than reasonable in my opinion!

Have you bought anything from Etsy?  And if you have, was it a good experience?  If you haven’t checked it out, you really should!




2 thoughts on “Have you checked out Etsy?

  1. I LOVE Etsy! I have several favorite sellers, and have bought a boatload of doll supplies. Since my dolls are 70s dolls, getting them clothes can sometimes be challenging (Especially my boys). Fortunately Etsy sellers have a larger variety than American Girl, and will sometimes customize things (like clothes or doll food), for you. If you see an unusual item on my blog, chances are, it’s from Etsy!

    • You have found some really cool stuff on Etsy, in fact I just ran across someone selling beds like you have over the weekend. It’s just such a great place for new and different things.

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