Doll Sized Finds-Crafters version

I know I already did a doll sized finds post this week, but I’m making an exception.  In that post I mentioned that I’m stocking up on things to make several different projects I have in mind once the weather turns cold and yucky.  Earlier this week I went to visit a friend and while I was in her neighborhood, I stopped by the nearby Walmart.  It’s one of the few that still sells fabric that you have cut and they have an enormous selection.  I was thrilled to find not one, not two, but three different fabrics I had been looking for over the last few months, yay!  But that led me to another problem–little things to add to different projects to make them more realistic-buttons, ribbons, etc.  Today was a halfways decent day, so I decided to make a run to Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  I’m lucky because they are only 20 minutes away and in the same plaza, so I can be in and out in no time.  Not only did I find some great things for my sewing projects, but a few others as well.

Michaels always has a great dollar section that frequently has items that are perfect for doll projects.  Today was no different:

craft 1

Mini gift boxes!  I deliberately picked ones that didn’t look exclusively Christmas.  These could be used for any number of things, from gifts to stacking decorator boxes.

Craft 2 Craft 3

I saw an idea at where they used one of these frames as a TV-brilliant!!!  I’ve been wanting to make a TV for my dolls, for $2 this will be perfect.  I’ll just have to print out a screen shot of my favorite show for in it–Torchwood or Dr. Who anyone?  I also found this at Michael’s.


Stephanie over at Many Small Things has some really cute patterns she posted for making doll backpacks and one of them uses these Tim Holtz buckles on them.  These were in the scrapbooking/card making section at Michael’s, but I thought they were perfect the way she used them.  I can think of several things they will be perfect for!Craft 4

On to Hobby Lobby!

Craft 5

I’ve noticed reviews of these doll clothes and accessories by Tree House Studio on several different blogs, so I decided to try a pair of the shoes.  They didn’t have many clothes from this line, mostly shoes.  I only bought the one pair because I wanted to see how they fit on the dolls.  They fit great!  I will have to be sure to stop in the next time I’m over that way and get a couple of the others.  They compare in quality to Springfield Collection shoes.

Wasn’t looking specifically for this next item, but was thrilled to find them!

Craft 6

These were also in the scrapbooking section, but they are the perfect size for AG clothing projects!

Wow, buttons that were actually in the sewing section, whoa!

Craft 7

I loved that this had a nice color assortment, I have tons of fabric that I’ve picked up over the last few months, it will be nice to have these when I need them.  I’d be willing to bet that by the time spring comes around I will have used most if not all of these.

Last but not least:

Craft 8

I want to make some doll necklaces and the size on these is perfect.  I’m sure they are probably intended for earrings, but my dolls are going to look terrific with these around their necks.  Dolls need bling!

Still cloudy, rainy, windy, cruddy weather most days here, so I haven’t managed to get my spray painting projects done.  Fingers crossed for this weekend.  Have a great one 🙂



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