Doll Sized Finds-Thrift Store Version

The weather is getting colder, so I decided last week would be good to take some time to check out several thrift stores I know of to see what I could find for my various doll projects.  Once the weather gets too yucky I’d rather just sit at home and work on craft projects than be out and about.  I think I did really well with my finds, with all the other stuff I’ve picked up, I should be busy for a while.  It was a good week!

Met a friend for lunch early in the week and stopped at the Salvation Army nearby after we were done.  I found three things:

Thrift Store 1
The chair needs some TLC, I’m also going to make a seat cushion for it. Funny part is I had seen it the last time I was in this store and held off buying it and afterwards wished I had. That was at least 2 – 3 weeks ago. I lucked out, someone had set a stuffed rabbit in it and I don’t think anyone could see it. The little dog in the package is a stuffed Happy Meal toy that will be perfect for one of my dolls and the little mint container will make a perfect pencil case.

Thrift Store 2
Too bad I don’t have any dolls named Sara! I plan on covering it with scrapbook paper or duct tape. I spent less than $2.50 on all 3 things I bought.

My next stop was the Goodwill not far from my house. I found two things there:
Thrift Store 3
This little chest of drawers still had the original price tag on it for $12.99. I paid $4.00! The little laundry basket was 50 cents. I have some like this in another color, I thought it would be fun to have different ones for different rooms.

A few days later I decided to make a run to Pittsburgh to check out a few stores. I came across this set of shelves at my first stop:
Thrift Store 4
Only $2! When I bought it I wasn’t sure if I would use it as doll shelves or a boat–I think shelves are going to win out.

I also found this:
Thrift Store 5
Yeah, I know this is Barbie, not AG, but I am working on another doll project that it’s perfect for. It needs a little TLC and it was filthy dirty, but a trip through the car wash (dishwasher!) and it looks good overall. I was excited that the sliding door on the side was still in working condition and that all the seats were there. $3 🙂

On to the next store. I only got one thing, but I think it is my favorite thing of all of my purchases for the week:
Thrift Store 6
This is so cute and it was only $3. And it works! It’s only a radio, but the scale on it is perfect for my dolls.  The speakers even detach!

Last but not least, one more store where I found some cute tiny things:
Thrift Store 7

Thrift Store 8
The little books were only 50 cents each, they are a little bigger than I would like, I guess they can be coffee table books. The little crock was also 50 cents, the divided dish was $2. Why it was so much is beyond me, but I’ve given up trying to figure out how they decide what to charge, it never makes any sense. I still thought it was cute and the perfect size for a doll vegetable feast!  I am kind of curious as to what it was originally intended to be.

I ended the week with two more finds.  I was out getting groceries and decided to stop by my local Goodwill, where I found these two “little” gems:

Thrift store 9

The teacup and saucer are just beautiful, so dainty.  They are just slightly larger than I would like them to be, but I figure it’s like one of those big mugs on Friends, remember those?  The book-I can’t tell you how excited I was when I came across this.  It is just the perfect size.  Both of these items cost me a whopping 45 cents!!!  The best part of the book is it gave me a name of a publisher to look up and turns out they do a whole series of these mini books.  You can find them on Amazon under Running Press Miniatures.  I have two friends who regularly check out thrift stores and books looking for more now, much cheaper, but at least I know where to find more.

Now I just hope I get a day this week that it doesn’t rain, I would like to spray paint a few pieces including that chair.  I’ve got so many projects in mind to work on once the cold weather really sets in, I could hole up here for weeks!    (maybe even months 😉 )


4 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds-Thrift Store Version

    • The Goodwill stores around here are really hit and miss. There was one that I stopped at that I discovered while riding around on my day out, it looked great from the outside, but was a train wreck on the inside. It was a shame because it was a nice store, I just think badly managed. I find very few actual toys at any of the Goodwill stores here either, I’m wondering if they donate the bulk of those to some other charity that is more toy related. I seem to do the best at the one in my own “backyard” for some reason.

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