Goodies I picked up at the American Girl store, Part 2

It’s HUMP DAY!  Just wanted to thank all of you who stopped by to check out the blog via The Doll Diaries post, I have to say I was really surprised at how much traffic was directed here thanks to that one little blurb!  I hope you keep coming back too, I have all sorts of ideas and things to show you all.  Thank you for all the kind comments and input, it’s always encouraging to hear from other doll lovers.  And thank you to those who have been reading my blog all along, you guys are what keep me going.

Also-before I forget-in case you didn’t already know this, the Project Runway outfits that were inspired by BeForever are going on tour, starting today!  They will only be at each store for 2 days, so don’t miss out.  The schedule is on the American Girl website, if you have a chance, go check it out.  Another thing too that I learned from Sue-the San Francisco store has a human sized version of Julie’s egg chair on display!  I would love to see that, unfortunately no trips to the West Coast anytime soon, but I think that would be really fun to see.  I don’t know how long they plan on having it there but I’m sure if you contacted the store, they might be able to tell you.  Grooooovy!!!!

I guess I never said why we went to the American Girl store in Columbus-it was my birthday weekend!  My husband asked me several months ago if I had something I would really like to do for my birthday since it was a big one (we won’t talk any further about that!) and I wasn’t sure.  I kind of jokingly said I’d like to go to Columbus and his response was “if that’s what you want to do!”  He’s really pretty good about stuff like this, he was very cooperative about the multiple trips we made to Boyd’s Bear Country over the years before it closed and we’ve done some other wacky stuff over the years so I guess I shouldn’t have been all that surprised.  It’s also the reason why I kind of went on a shopping spree, believe me, I don’t usually spend that much at a time on doll stuff.  This was definitely an exception!

One of the reasons I really wanted to go to an actual store was to see all the stuff in person.  Sure, you can see it on the website and most of the time the photos are pretty good at capturing how something looks, but there is just something about seeing it in person.  The other reason I had for wanting to go to a store was the store exclusives or “souvenirs”.  These are items that are not sold on the AG website and can only be purchased at the store.  I had noticed some photos of what people have purchased over the years on other blogs and there were a few things that I just loved.  I had my fingers crossed that two of the items that were high on my list were still available.

First up-bottoms!

AG Goodies 12
Pink Shorts, Logo Jeans, Star Cargo Pants

I got one pair each of the pink shorts, the logo jeans and the star cargo pants. The jeans were one of the things that I really wanted and I was so excited that they had them. They fit the dolls very well and are so detailed! The shorts and the cargo pants are cute as well, the girls are now nicely stocked up on some new bottoms. Each of these items were $12 each.

Next up-tops! (sort of):

AG Goodies 11
Starry Tee and Berry Skirtini

I already had one of the store logo tees that I had picked up on clearance at the AG website, but since this was a special trip, I decided I should get this one.  In all honesty, I think it fits better than the older version, hmmmm….   The skirtini set is very cute and the other item I was hoping to get, I wasn’t sure since it’s swimwear if they would still have it or not, I have heard of it being sold out at some locations.  You can’t see it well here, but it is a two piece set and looks very cute on the dolls.  The t-shirt was $10 and the skirtini set was $14 which I think is a great bargain in comparison to what AG usually sells their swim sets for on the website.  It doesn’t come with any accessories but sometimes you don’t always want those anyhow.

Last but not least-accessories!

AG Goodies 13
Mini Tote and Souvenir Accessories

The Mini Tote isn’t a store exclusive, they carry it on the website.  I was on the fence about it before I went, but after I saw it I decided it was very cute and well thought out, so I decided to get it.  I love how it’s made, nicely lined with loops to hold the mini dolls in place.  I don’t have any mini dolls, but I thought the loop would be the perfect size to hold a mini water bottle in place!  It sells for $10 both online and in the stores.  The souvenir accessories set-OMG!  I just love this little set.  I had seen a pair of these shoes on a blog at some point and had kind of forgotten about them until I started looking at the displays of the souvenirs, they had them on several of the dolls that were modeling the other items.  I didn’t realize they came as part of a set until I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere and asked one of the staff.  The set is $20 which is very reasonable considering you get not just the shoes, but the cute purse and a headband.  I’m a sucker for AG shoes to begin with and these are so well made and go on the dolls so easily, wow.  It’s a toss up between this set and the jeans as to which are my favorites of the store exclusive items I picked up. There were several other items available that I didn’t get-a long sleeved grey star tee, a skirt, pjs, and a few other things.  By this point I had reached the overwhelmed point and it kind of turns in to a big blur.  I figure that gives me a good reason to go back.  They regularly come out with new stuff for this too, so I’m sure I’ll want some of that later on.

One thing that I learned about just a few days before our trip were their in-store specials.  They don’t run much in the way of actual sales in store, they had a few things but these were items that were also on sale on the website.  They also run a “purchase with purchase” deal if you spend so much, I think it was $50 minimum purchase for this particular item.  It also varies from store to store as what the item is, at Columbus on this day it was the Rainy Day Coat, regular price $24, but I was able to pick it up for $14.  I debated on if I wanted it, but I have to admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for things with polka dots and that finally won out.  I’m glad it did though, it’s an adorable coat,  well made with tons of details.

AG Goodies 10
Rainy Day Coat

Another plus about all of this stuff:

AG Goodies 14

Yeah, all the store exclusive clothing came with a hanger, awesome sauce!  I’ve mentioned before how I love the AG hangers and I was almost as excited about these as I was all the other stuff.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m related to Joan Crawford?? (No More WIRE Hangers!)

As I was checking out, I rather sheepishly asked Jennifer if I could have one of the little bags that they use for gift cards.  She said “SURE!” and got one out of her drawer and tossed it in my bag.  Love it!

AG Goodies 15
Now the dolls can pretend they are shopping!

I have to say that I definitely enjoyed my visit to AG Columbus! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would like to add that it was very easy to find and I do want to go back, not just to go back to AG but to also check out some other things at that mall and in the area. I already warned my husband that maybe we could plan a long weekend in the future 😉

I was barely in the door and Kit was already digging through the bag checking out what I’d bought. She informed me that she was going to model some of the stuff for all of you, how could I argue?

AG Goodies 16
All decked out in the jeans, rainy day coat, souvenir accessories and the starry shirt underneath!
AG Goodies 17
The back view-the coat even has a little kick pleat in it!
AG Goodies 18
Starry T on Kit, it fits great! She said she didn’t know if she would give it up for anyone else to wear!
AG Goodies 19
Close up of the back of the jeans, I can’t imagine sewing those tiny pockets.

I just love how well the AG clothes are made and the attention to detail! These little shoes are just so cute, love them!

AG goodies 20
Shoe closeup!

Thanks so much for reading about my trip! Have you been to an AG store and if so which one? Did you buy any of the store exclusive souvenir items? If you did, which one is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Goodies I picked up at the American Girl store, Part 2

  1. I’ve been to NYC. Nashville (as soon as it opens) and DC as well as Columbus on are on my MUST HIT list. NYC is nice but it’s not cheap getting into the city from here and it’s 3 hours away. LOVE store exclusives.

    • Is a Nashville store in the works? I’ve got my fingers crossed that Pittsburgh will eventually make the list. And is NYC super busy? I was in that part of town last time I was there, but didn’t check it out. Not sure when I will get there next, we have family in the city, but even so, it’s still expensive and a hassle!

      • Yes, it is! Pittsburgh would be nice too but I’m close to Philly so I’d prefer one there 🙂 It’s a roughly 3 hour trip to DC or NYC for me. Pittsburgh would be 5 but I have family there. I’ll have to let you know if/when I head that way next. (PS If you shoot me an email, I’ll send you some shots of my IKEA doll “house”)

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