Bargain Basement Doll Dress

I had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week in a town about 40 minutes away.  Wasn’t thrilled about going to the doctor, but I did leave early because there are two really good thrift stores just 5 minutes away from my doctor, whoo hoo!  I went to the first one and left empty handed, the only thing I saw that even remotely caught my eye was a jewelry box that I could convert, but I left it behind, I already have a bunch of doll furniture projects I need to finish first.  Got to the second and checked out the usual stuff-shoes, dishes, working my way around to the toy and household section.  I was scanning the toys when I noticed a pile of something in plastic bags that looked interesting.  They were doll outfits!  They appeared to be about the right size for 18 inch dolls, no brand on them, all the same outfit.  I decided to take a chance on one of them, even if I had to alter it a little it would still be worth it.  I think they were brand new too, just stored somewhere damp so that they developed an odd odor to them, but a little Lysol spray and a good airing and that went away.

School uniform

Isn’t this the cutest school uniform? I had looked at some of these online, just hadn’t gotten around to buying one yet. What’s interesting is the way it’s made, it is reversible. Or maybe I’m just stupid? 😉 The other side just has straps and I’ve put it on Rebecca both directions and they look equally good. Where the straps hook even has little buttons AND buttonholes, how cute is that?! The little bow in her hair came with it too. All for a whopping (are you sitting down?) $1.29! Yup, that’s all I paid for this adorable outfit. It seems to be well made too, no tags in it telling me who it was made for though. Had I realized it would fit so well I would have bought more than one of them, oh well. The only issue with the fit is in the skirt part of the jumper, it is a little big but not horrible, I’m contemplating adding a little more Velcro to it. Otherwise, I’m thrilled to bits at how cute this is! 🙂

Have you ever found doll clothes at a thrift store? This is a first for me.


7 thoughts on “Bargain Basement Doll Dress

    • If it hadn’t been so far away I probably would have, but I had other things going on and by the time I could have gone I assume they would have been gone. Good deal on the 99 cent dress!

  1. Only once did I find a doll dress for 18 inch dolls( they usually have Barbie stuff). The dress was Dolly and Me and it was on a small baby doll. I said I only wanted the dress and since it was way too big for the baby doll, they let me have it for 99 cents.

  2. With Linda but I’d have called as soon as I confirmed it fit and asked them to hold them for me or bought them all and asked if they were returnable if they didn’t. I drive 40 minutes to work – no big deal!

    And no, I’ve not been lucky enough to find clothes only repurposeable items for furniture and fun stuff from Thrift Stores!

    • I went to two thrift stores today that were closer to home and found some really cool stuff, be sure to check back in a week or so. I spent just under $7, it was definitely a good day 🙂

  3. Update: I have found several Dollie and Me outfits, and Build a Bear and even 14 school uniforms. The uniforms were brand new on little hangers with plastic bags over them(like you get from the dry cleaners). They were $3.99, but because it was senior citizen day at the thrift store, I got them for only $2.40 each. They came as a blouse and jumper. They fit my AG dolls perfectly after I took a seam ripper and took out half a dozen stitches below the Velcro. I found Molly’s bathing suit, sandals,towel and sunglasses once. I couldn’t believe it!!! I have also found a few other pieces of AG clothes. Last year, I found 2 brand new Kirsten’s cooking outfit, minus the shoes and two of her winter blouses. Those finds are few and far between.

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