Other brands-what fits American Girl and what doesn’t

As much as I love American Girl products, I’m not so attached to them that I won’t try other brands of clothing and accessories for them.  I previously posted about Our Generation (found at Target), this post is about My Life As (sold at Walmart) and Springfield Collection (sold at various places).  Both of these brands are reasonably priced and have their good points and bad points.

First up:  Tennis outfit from My Life As

AG Clothes 1
This outfit is really cute and at just under $10 I think it’s a good buy. Also included in the set but not pictured were socks and a tennis ball. The tennis shoes ARE NOT included, those are ones I had. Overall well made…but it doesn’t fit great and was a bit of a struggle to get on Kit. If you look closely you can see where it doesn’t fit all that well around her hips. My other complaint is that this kind of fabric can snag very easily if it comes in contact with the velco, ugh.
AG Clothes 2
This is a better shot of how it doesn’t fit right around the hips, I struggled to get the Velcro closed. Not a deal breaker, but could have been a little better thought out and cut just a tiny amount fuller for a better fit on all dolls, not just My Life As.

And the other outfit: Tunic and Legging set from Springfield Collection
AG Clothes 3
This outfit was also just under $10 where I bought it, prices may vary. I just LOVE this outfit on the dolls, it looks so neat and summery. It is very similar to the Tropical Bloom outfit sold by American Girl, but a lot less expensive. The shoes are also not included. It fits much better than the My Life As outfit, no gapping, and very easy to get on and off the doll. The tennis shoes in both of these examples are Springfield Collection and fit very well.
AG Clothes 4

I definitely prefer Springfield Collection items to My Life As overall. I HATE My Life As shoes, they usually don’t fit AG dolls very well and some of them are made out of hard plastic. They are cheap, but this is one of those cases of you get what you pay for. I had a pair of the hard plastic hiking boots and actually worried that once I got them on the doll, I might not get them off!  I also got a pair of canvas shoes (like Tom’s) and while they weren’t all plastic they were extremely poor construction and once I finally did get them on the doll (after a serious wrestling match) she couldn’t stand because of the way they were made.  Major fail in my book.

What brands besides American Girl do you like?  I’d love to hear!

Also–it looks very good for me getting to go to AG Place in Columbus Ohio next week-yay!!!  I’m looking very forward to it and I will try my best to get some good pictures to share.  Is there anything I must absolutely look at while I’m there?  I have my list written out of things I’m interested in so I don’t forget to check them out, but I’m open to suggestions as well.  I think I’m most excited about seeing what store exclusives they have available, I keep hearing wonderful things about the blue jeans they sell for the dolls, hopefully they will have them.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the swim suit is still available too, it’s not exactly summer anymore.


8 thoughts on “Other brands-what fits American Girl and what doesn’t

  1. Does anyone know if the purple and pink swirl baby alive dress will fit an American Girl? I gave it but I don’t want to be disappointed so I’m going to ask before I do it, and if it’s too short, I have leggings.

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