Cute Little Camera :)

I love photography, I actually used to do a lot of wedding photography. I really wanted a camera for my dolls that actually looked like a camera, not some of the horrible ones I’ve seen included in some of the toy sets. One day while checking out the blog American Girl Fan I ran across a post that Liz had written about her dad finding her a cute little camera for her dolls. I wanted one! Unfortunately the store it came from doesn’t have any branches near me, but luckily someone had posted in the comments section another place to order them from. I checked it out and placed an order. It took it a little while to get here, but it was worth the wait, I just love it.
little camera
I was really excited when it came, it is just perfect! I do want to make a strap for it, I just haven’t decided what I want yet and have had other things going on. When you press down on the shutter button a light flashes in the lens and it makes camera sounds, very clever. Best part was it was cheap, $2.69 and free shipping! If you would like to get one for yourself or your dolls, I got it at I’m just warning you in advance, it did take a couple of weeks to get it, but well worth it. I also found some at that were similar but more expensive.

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend! It’s cold here, we had to turn the furnace on, brrrrrr!


2 thoughts on “Cute Little Camera :)

    • It is very cute, and if I remember correctly, the company I got it from took Paypal as well. The price is definitely reasonable! Ruthie will love you for it 😉

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