Just look around…

Like many other doll fanatics I’m always looking at things that may not be intended for doll use, but can be used that way.  I’ve shared a few of those things with you on this blog.  Sometimes though there might be something right in front of you (or maybe in the basement!) that would also work.  I’m going to show you two examples I found in my own house.

I wanted something to store a lot of the little things I had when I didn’t have my stuff set up, a place to keep it clean and safe from harm.  Hmmm…then I thought about the rolling carts you can get at just about any office supply store.  I have quite a few of them already to store my craft supplies in and was just about ready to get in the car and go get another, when I remembered that there was one in the basement beside our desktop computer.  I’m embarrassed to admit this desktop has hardly been used in the four years since we moved here, and I honestly had no idea what was in the little cart anymore either.  When my husband got home I asked him about it and he said that he thought there were just a few things in it.  I asked him if he cared if I used it and he said no, so he went downstairs and got it for me (I have such a nice hubby!).  You can imagine how shocked I was when I looked in it and discovered it was practically empty!  I cleaned it out, threw some of the contents away and put away the rest, gave it a good wipe down and I was good to go.  Best part is it has drawers of different sizes, the ones on the bottom are large enough to even hold some smaller pieces of furniture when they aren’t in use.

Look around 1

I just love when I can use something that I already have for something else!  If you read my other blog you know I am all about repurposing everything and anything.  I love those tv shows where an interior designer comes in and redecorates for someone only using items they already have in their home.

About a week after this, I was thinking of ideas for doll furniture/storage.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but all of a sudden I remembered this little desktop cabinet I bought ages ago-I would say probably close to 20 years ago.  I originally bought it to store music CD’s in but when my collection got too big, I moved them to another cabinet and used this for computer CD’s/DVD’s.  This was another one of those things I hadn’t used in so long I wasn’t sure what was in it.  Off to the basement to get it!

Look around 3
Isn’t this cute?

I went through all of it’s contents and determined what I wanted to keep (not much!) and what could be donated, cleaned it up and immediately put it to use:

Kit checking it out...
Kit checking it out…
...and doing her best Vanna White imitation!
…and doing her best Vanna White imitation!

I loaded it up with all the pj’s, t-shirts, shorts and skirts I had been making!

Ta Da!
Ta Da!

Do you have anything in your house you could use for your dolls that you hadn’t thought of before?  In keeping with the whole idea of repurposing, I have to share this website with you:  http://funwithagfan.blogspot.com/2014/09/diy-projectdoll-room-tour.html

Go check it out if you haven’t already.  This young woman made the most amazing doll bedroom out of a large cardboard box and a few inexpensive things she had around the house already.  She also has lots of other great ideas on her blog for things you can make yourself, I am so impressed.

Have a great weekend!



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