Craft Project FAIL!

I do a lot of crafting, I’ve tried almost everything there is to try, and usually with pretty good results.  My sister and I both have an ongoing joke that we are willing to try anything once.  I’ve made baskets, scrapbooked, cross stitched, paper crafted, painted-you name it.  It’s not often a craft project will get the best of me.  This one did though, and I had to share it with you.

I can’t tell you specifically where I saw the idea originally because I’m not sure and I don’t want to upset anyone individually by maligning their craft idea.  It was this though-take a doll sized drinking glass (or similar item), add a cut off swizzle stick for a straw, add clear crystal beads as ice cubes and pour clear tacky glue over the whole thing so it looks like a glass of ice water.  Some examples of this have also added little faux lemon or lime slices to them.  Cute as heck, and I wanted some!

First off, I needed to find clear glasses.  I remembered that I had recently purchased some body sprays that had caps on them.  Perfect size for a doll drinking glass!  I already had clear crystal beads in my jewelry making supplies.  I always have a bottle of Aleene’s tacky glue around, both in white and clear.  I got the bottle of clear out of the cupboard.  My husband got me a straw when he was at a meeting (hotel bar!) and I was set to go.  I wasn’t too worried about the fruit slices, I wasn’t about to spend money on a craft project with unproven results.  Good thing…

The first issue I encountered was that the glass beads sunk to the  bottom instead of floating like ice cubes should.  Ugh.  I decided to wait a while to put anymore in hoping that after the glue had hardened some, maybe that would work.  No such luck.  After at least a week (yes a week!) of waiting, I tried again and they still sunk like a stone.  Never mind.  I also noticed that as the glue dried, it was starting to shrink, so I added a bit to one of them to see what happened.  And then I walked away for several weeks.

When I finally decided to check on them to see what they looked like, this is what I found:

Craft Fail 1

The glue shrunk A LOT! Now they looked like dirty glasses with some sort of syrup in them that had been sitting in the sink for a week, yuck.  Sooooo not cute. 😦
Craft Fail 2
These weren’t looking ANYTHING like the cute little examples I saw on Pinterest. What a disappointment to say the least. Then I bumped one of the straws by accident and it moved…a lot. So I wiggled it some more, what did I have to lose at this point. The whole darned thing came out!

Craft Fail 3

Craft Fail 4
From these photos you can see just how much the glue shrunk and how misshapen it had become. What a bummer. The only good part is that when I pulled them out, the caps/drinking glasses were completely clean, so I can still use them. Everything else went in the trash.

This was definitely a big let down for me. I am curious if others who have tried this project have had better results. Not sure what the issue was, I’m wondering if maybe they used a different brand of glue. All I can say is DON’T use Aleene’s Clear Tacky Glue, it doesn’t work for this. On to the next project!


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