Party for 3-Part 2

Kit and Rebecca heard a voice in the hallway. “I heard there was a party here, and you know I love a party!”
They looked at each other in disbelief. “It couldn’t be…” said Kit.
Just then Samantha walked back in to the dining room with another girl beside her.
Story 6
“Marie-Grace!!!” squealed Kit and Rebecca. “I can’t believe it’s you!” said Rebecca.
“It is really me!” said Marie-Grace. “I got an invitation last week to come here to live, and I couldn’t believe my luck. Unfortunately Cecile had already left so she isn’t with me. Hopefully someday in the future she can come here too.”

Story 10
“Isn’t this exciting?” said Samantha. “I almost fell over when I opened the door!”
“Now don’t go getting hurt on my account!” Marie-Grace giggled. “I would feel terrible if you did that.”

Story 7
“Well then, let’s get back to this party you were having, I see some wonderful snacks on the table” said Marie-Grace.

Story 8“Make sure you try the cake!” said Kit.

Story 9

Only one more day till BeForever!!!