Our Generation, a great alternative

In case you haven’t already discovered it, Our Generation is an 18 inch doll line made for and sold by Target.  The line is made by Battat toys, and they offer a lot of fun, inexpensive accessories for play with 18 inch dolls.  I first discovered them about 10 years ago while checking out the toy section in Target.

First things first-the price.  Most of their stuff is much cheaper than American Girl, particularly their little accessory pieces like food, dishes, toiletries, etc.  The playsets are highly detailed with lots of cute little pieces, lots of bang for the buck.  I don’t think there is anything in their line that is over $75, many of their smaller sets are $20 or less.  The larger items tend to be pricier but still significantly less expensive than similar items from AG.

Quality is good on everything I’ve purchased.  There is a nice variety of stuff offered too ranging from clothing and shoes, vehicles, furniture, even little appliances like washers and dryers and of course dolls.  My main complaint is finding certain sets.  Using the Target website is frustrating at best when it comes to locating a particular set.  They may show it on the website and tell you it is available at a particular store–don’t believe it!  I’ve even complained to Target about this to no avail.  Best thing I can recommend is just go with an open mind and hope that you find something you like or want.

I’ve only bought one clothing set from them, but it fit very well.  As I mentioned before, it’s hit and miss in finding stuff and I’ve yet to run across any of the clothing sets I’ve wanted, even though they show them on the website.  ARGH!   My favorite thing is their accessory play sets-I purchased a slumber party set that included a MP3 player type thing, complete with earbuds that actually plug in to the little “player”.  The food sets are very cute with lots of neat little pieces that are very detailed.  I was checking out the Target website this weekend and it looks as though they are getting ready to come out with some new stuff really soon, there are a couple of sets I wouldn’t mind picking up.  At $17 a set they are very affordable, the perfect thing for a young girl to use birthday money for 🙂  I just hope I can find the ones I’m looking for!  Once in a while they run a sale too.

This weekend my husband needed to go see a client and I went along for the ride since I knew there was a Target nearby.  They didn’t have a lot in the little stuff but lots of big stuff.  The kitchen set is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen as is the little bicycle.  One of these days that little bike may just have to come home with me.  I passed on that to get this though, I had seen this set a few months ago and didn’t get it because I wanted another set instead and haven’t had any luck finding it since, so I was happy to see it:

OG 2

I see a spa day for my dolls in the not to distant future!

One of the new things they are coming out with is Our Generation Retro, sets made with a vintage feel to them. They had a few of them at this particular Target, but not very many, I think this line has just recently been introduced. It looks like there are two different types of sets you can purchase, one that is a complete outfit with clothing, shoes and accessories, or just an accessory set. I decided to get just an accessory set, I thought these would be cute to have to go along with some of my handmade clothing:
OG 1
This set is called “Doo Wop Duo”. They had another set I debated on that included a dress and shoes that was reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Maybe another time.

Do you have any recent or old Our Generation sets?  If so, which ones do you have and which are your favorites?  The horse I purchased at a thrift store not too long ago is part of this line, I haven’t had time to clean and restore it, but I did comb out the hair on the mane and tail and it was super easy, seemed to be very well made.  Even new, the horses run only $35, much less expensive than the AG ones.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against AG, but I think their prices aren’t all that reasonable and know a lot of families who couldn’t afford it.  Our Generation is a nice alternative for someone wanting to save money and/or get some different stuff.

2 thoughts on “Our Generation, a great alternative

  1. I found an OG table (w/ the tea set) at Target at the close-out price of $14! No way was I turning that down! I also have a customized OG boy doll that I purchased from Etsy. He’s a pretty handsome fella. In fact, someone on the Springfield Collection Facebook page, liked him so much, they wanted to buy him!

    • Great find! I saw your OG Boy on your blog, he is really neat. One of these days I might try doing my own boy doll, but I have so many other things I want to try first 🙂

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