BeForever-are you ready?

Next week American Girl officially releases their “new” line called BeForever.  If you aren’t already familiar (have you been living under a rock?!), it’s a “new and improved” version of their historical series.  They have eliminated the friends concept as well as discontinued the New Orleans girls.  The remaining dolls will have new items and quite a few of them will have new meet outfits.  Anticipation of this release is meeting with mixed excitement and anxiety, and rightfully so.  Lots and lots of rumors floating around as to what is going to happen.

Some of what we do know-some of the new meet outfits.  Addy, Rebecca, Julie and Kit are most definitely getting new meet outfits.  I’m actually excited about this part of it, rumor has it that they are going to make the new outfits available individually so that those who already have the dolls can purchase them.  I’ve not seen any definite photos of Addy and Rebecca’s outfits, one possibility for Julie (that is just yuck!) but I have seen the one for Kit.  Lots of debate on the historical accuracy of the dress, but I have to say it is cute.  I will more than likely buy it if it is available to purchase, especially since I bought my Kit without any clothes.  I wonder if they will make the remaining old versions of the meet outfits available for purchase at some point to clear out inventory?

Probably the biggest news that garnered the most buzz is the re-release of Samantha.  So many people were upset when they archived her, she had many, many fans.  She is being released in a different meet dress as well, this time it’s pink-ugh.  I don’t know what the fixation with pink is at AG, but I’m tired of it.  I will be curious to see what they offer in her collection, will it be all new items or re-hashes of some of the items they previously offered?  And is her re-release a sign of things to come with some of the other dolls that have been archived?

Some of the other questions I have in regards to BeForever next week:

Will the dolls still in stock that are discontinued (Marie-Grace and Ivy) just suddenly disappear, or will any remaining inventory still be available to purchase?

Will the other discontinued accessories still remain available until they sell out?  Or perhaps pulled off the website and store shelves, but made available for the Cyber-Weekend sale or simply sent to the outlet store? Or perhaps set aside for the Madison Library sale next summer?

Is a new historical doll being introduced at this time?  Rumors are around that she is going to be a doll from the 1950’s, but I’ve seen absolutely no confirmation on any of it.

Is there still going to be a nice selection of accessories and clothing available for the historical dolls?  LOTS of concern from collectors about this, many fearing that Mattel is going to continue downsizing this line.  I think that would be a shame as Pleasant Company/American Girl was originally built on the historical line.  Everything else came later and is only successful because of those beginnings.

This time next week, we should at least know some of the answers to the questions.  I think it will be interesting to see if the website crashes!  I hope they are prepared.  Are you going to an AG store next weekend to check it out?  I won’t be, but I will definitely be checking it out online.  Time will soon tell what the changes are, fingers crossed that it will be an exciting and positive time for the company!


4 thoughts on “BeForever-are you ready?

  1. I’m not ready!! I am sad about Julie’s meet outfit changing. The current one reminds me of the clothes I wore in the 70s. I hope the old meet outfit will show up at the Wilmot outlet sale next summer…. Her new outfit is just too crazy for me!!

    • I agree, I think that is just ugly and not historically accurate AT ALL. I grew up in the 70’s too and I don’t remember pants like that. Tank tops for girls weren’t all that popular either, I don’t remember owning any nor did any of my friends. The original outfit is much more like what I remember.

      I would love to go to either of the sales next summer, but they are a bit too far for me. Not sure I could convince my husband to take his vacation there. LOL

  2. I have mixed feelings about Beforever. I like some of the new outfits, but I definitely do not like how they’re changing the books, and Samantha, and Addy’s meet outfits (I’ve seen them and I don’t like them). I’m glad I have both Addy, and Samantha in their original outfits. I guess I’ll just have to see what it’s really like when it debuts.

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