This weeks finds!

I haven’t had a lot of time to get out to shop lately, I’ve been cleaning my house. We recently had some remodeling done and as a result, we have dirt EVERYWHERE, blech! It’s coming along and I did finally get out to do a little shopping. My first find was from Big Lots, I hadn’t been in there in ages and they recently redid ours. I found this cute little pet carrier with a little dog:
Find 5 The dog is kind of generic, looks more like a stuffed animal as a toy for a doll, but I can use the carrier with another stuffed dog I have that looks more realistic. I don’t think the carrier is big enough for the AG pets, but will work okay for what I want it for. It was only $5.

Today I had to run to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things and I found two things that I can use for my dolls. First this mirror:
Find 1

Find 2

The back has a magnet on it since it’s intended to be used in a locker.  I will just put Velcro on it so I can move it around where I need it in the diorama.  It is very lightweight too, unlike some of the other ones I’ve seen like this.

I also found these cute little hair clips in the baby section:

Find 3

Since they are designed for fine, baby type hair, they are perfect for when you just want to pull back a small amount of hair.  Doesn’t Kit look cute?

Find 4

Did you find anything good this week?


One thought on “This weeks finds!

  1. I found the same dog and carrier at Tuesday morning and bought it to give to my granddaughter this past Christmas. Just found your blog. Be checking it out each day!

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