Back to School-How To Make A Pencil for 18 inch dolls

Earlier this week I posted how I made a desk for my AG dolls. Now we need some stuff to go with it! I showed you all the little mirror that looks like a laptop that I bought and some of the little composition books I bought. The one thing I really wanted was a pencil or two. I saw where a lot of people had made them from toothpicks and while they were cute, I’m a real stickler about scale. The toothpick sized ones are really more suitable for a Barbie doll, so what could I make ones out of that would work for 18 inch dolls? Hmmmmmmm…then all of a sudden I remembered some bamboo skewers I’d bought a few years ago to make kebobs on the grill with. I dug around in my stuff and found them-perfect!

First thing I did was cut down the bamboo sticks to the size I wanted them. I did this by scoring them with scissors and then breaking them off. Kids-get help from a grown up for this part!!! Then I used a finger nail file to smooth out the rough spots on them.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the scraps but I held on to them just in case and it was a good thing I did–you will see what I used them for soon.

AG Pencil step 1

Then I painted the ends pink for an eraser setting them in a small container until the pink was dry:
AG Pencil step 3

I next painted the yellow sections a little at a time, using those skewer scraps to set them on while they dried:
AG Pencil Step 4AG Pencil step 5

Now I needed to make it look like lead at the tip, hmmmm…I didn’t want to have to buy a whole bottle of black paint just for this and I didn’t have any. All of a sudden it dawned on me-I had a black inkpad in my rubber stamping supplies! I simply stuck the tip in the pad and turned it a bit so I was sure it took up enough ink the whole way around. Worked like a charm!
AG Pencil Step 6
AG Pencil Step 7

Next I wanted to add a green stripe just below the eraser. I originally tried doing this with green paper and super sticky tape, but it didn’t work out too well. I had problems with the paper crinkling and not wanting to stay on. I even tried gluing it but no luck. I was about to give up when I happened to be in Joann’s, while poking around the dollar bargain section, I came across this:
Pencil Step 8

I cut a piece and glued it in place with Alene’s clear tacky glue, worked great and I was really pleased with the end results:
 Pencil Step 10

Kit looks like she is getting excited about school starting!

IMG_2819About the only thing I would do differently if I were to make these again is to make them just a little bit shorter.  My husband said that he will be really impressed when I can figure out how to get “Ticonderoga” on the side of them!


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