A Desk for 18 inch Dolls for around $5 or less!

In previous posts I mentioned the little drawers I found at Dollar Tree and how I had a great idea for them. It took me a little while, but I finally found some more of them at another Dollar Tree store. To remind you, they looked like this:
Desk 1

I bought three of them at $1 each. I then took one set of them apart and rearranged them so I had two stacks with three drawers:
Desk 2

I then cut a piece of foam board 16 inches x 7 inches. You could also use cardboard, or if you want something even sturdier, a piece of wood of some sort (plywood, MDF) would also work. I wanted something lightweight and easy to store which is why I chose foam board. Dollar Tree sells 20 inch x 30 inch sheets of foam board for $1.
Desk 3

I covered my board with scrapbook paper, adhering it with super sticky tape. If using a wood product, you could paint it. Just don’t try and spray paint foam board, it will melt!  You could also cover it with Contact Paper, duct tape, fabric, whatever you like.
Desk 4
Desk 5

Now to attach the top to the drawers! I decided Velcro would work perfect for my situation since I wanted to be able to disassemble it for easy storage. You could glue it if you don’t mind a permanent situation. I marked the placement of the drawers on the underside of the desktop.


Desk 6
 Desk 7

Then apply the Velcro to the desk top and the drawers.  I place larger strips on the drawers and smaller pieces on the top so that you can easily adjust the positioning.

Desk 8

Attach both sets of drawers and tada!  A simple desk with lots of work space and storage.  Kit seems to be impressed, doesn’t she?  See how perfect the wire mesh pencil cup is as a trash can?!

Desk 9

All three girls are excited about using the desk to study and do homework.  School will be starting before we know it!

Desk 10

If you decide to make a desk, be sure to post it somewhere and share a link!  I have a chair in the works, I will be sure to share it when I have it finished.


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