Great Finds to use with American Girl Dolls

I’ve decided I need to stay out of Dollar Tree.  It’s hard though, it’s only 5 minutes from my house and I go there frequently for dog treats and a few other food items that they sell in small quantities.  Lately they seem to have a lot of stuff that is just perfect scale for American Girl dolls, I’ve really lucked out.

Last Saturday I wanted to run over to get frozen taquitos to have around for lunches, salami and dog treats.  I also wanted some hair clips since Rebecca’s hair seems a bit unruly without a barrette and I wanted to put the one that came with her away for safe keeping.  I remembered seeing a huge selection of hair care stuff there on previous visits, I figured this would be a great place to start.  I was right!

AG Finds 3

I got a card full of each of these for $1 each, this is only part of what I got. They are the perfect scale for what I needed too. Score!

While I was wandering around I found two other things. First I came across this cute set of drawers:
AG Finds 1

And then I found this package of 3 mini composition books. With school starting soon Samantha and Rebecca will need these!
AG Finds 2

That was it for this trip. About a week later I needed to make another trip to pick up more dog treats, bleach and a few other odds and ends. I also had gotten an idea in my head of something I could make with more of those little drawers, so off to Dollar Tree I went. Unfortunately all the little drawers were gone 😦 I did find some other stuff though! First, this cute little solar lamp that will be so perfect in my bedroom diorama:
AG Finds 4

And a whole package of these little containers:
AG Finds 5

I had been looking for small containers like this for several weeks, I had an idea for something. They are each just slightly over 1″ tall and wide. When we were on vacation I had been collecting teeny tiny sea shells to use in my Living Locket. I got a little carried away since I wasn’t 100% sure which ones were going to fit the best. I didn’t want to throw them out after I had picked out the ones I wanted to use, and then I thought they would be perfect for Samantha’s bedroom as a memento of a trip to the beach!
AG Finds 6

I’m debating on decorating the little container, just haven’t decided exactly what I want to do. The rest will come in handy for jewelry making storage as well as other AG and Sunshine Family things. And between both trips, I really only spent $6, so I wasn’t too bad. I’m contemplating a trip to a Dollar Tree about 20 minutes away to see if they have any more of those drawers, that idea I have just won’t go away.

What did you find for your dolls this week?


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