From Jewelry Box to Chest of Drawers

I’m working on a diorama of a little girls room for my American Girl doll.  I already have a set of bunk beds, a night stand and some other odds and ends, but I really wanted a chest of drawers.  Nothing huge, just a place to put the odds and ends little things that accumulate:  glasses, hair clips, etc.  I wasn’t about to pay the prices that AG or a lot of other makers of doll furniture wanted for these kinds of things either.  I decided to keep my eyes open in one of my trips to a thrift store for a jewelry box that would work for such a purpose.  I figured I would be looking for a little while before I found just the right one, so imagine my surprise when about a month ago I stumbled across just the thing in my local Goodwill!

AG Chest original

A bit on the garish side, but I didn’t care, I intended to repaint it.  If you look closely you can see it was missing one of it’s feet.  They were held on by some sort of staple, so I went about breaking the other three off, then used my jewelry snips to trim the staples off flush with the bottom.  I also removed the remaining rhinestones left on the drawer pulls.   I picked up some ball type wooden feet for it and glued them in place, then proceeded to spray paint the entire piece white:

AG Chest front  

Talk about a challenge!  I don’t know what it was about this paint, but the bugs outdoors were attracted to it like crazy!  It also wasn’t covering very well despite the fact it was supposed to be primer and paint all in one.  After several coats I got it mostly covered, but if you look closely, you can still see the words on the drawers.  Hmmm…  After some thinking, I decided that I would cover those with scrapbook paper and in the process, make it look more “little girlsy”.  I also applied some to the top.  I used Mod Podge to adhere and coat the paper so it would be protected.

AG chest front cherries          AG chest top cherries

After I got that done, I decided the plain white drawer pulls weren’t going to cut it, so I decided to paint them pink.  They are a bit brighter than what I had in mind, but I wasn’t about to go and buy a whole container of paint for a project that at this point, had only cost me about $5–I paid $4 for the jewelry box and $1 for the new feet.  I think it’s cute and Samantha can store all sorts of things in it!AG Chest completed



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