Links to Doll Related Posts

I wrote a couple of doll related posts over at my other blog “More Fun Than Humans Should Be Allowed To Have”.  I thought about reposting them here, but I decided rather than clutter things up, I would just post links with information and if you want to read them, you can.  If not, just ignore!

A Flashback To Childhood:  A post about The Sunshine Family and finding a new set on Ebay.

Spring Is Here…Sort of…And a new use for Cheerios Boxes:  How to make doll furniture pieces from something as simple as a Cheerios Box and some scrapbook paper.

Back to Business…Sort of:  Cleaning corroded battery terminals in a toy as well as cleaning a doll using baking soda.

Stuck Indoors:  My venture in to making bedding for my American Girl bunk beds.

It’s All In The “Little” Details:  everyday things to buy in American Girl scale that won’t cost a fortune.



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