Great Alternatives to American Girl Accessories

Anyone who has purchased any of the American Girl clothing or accessories will definitely agree with me on this-it’s expensive! To buy a doll, several outfits, furniture, bedding, accessories, you could easily spend $500 at the drop of a hat. American Girl is counting on you to do that, especially if you visit one of their stores. I love AG, but I’m not so much of a snob that my doll can’t use other brands of stuff, or better yet, things not intended to be used for 18 inch dolls, but perfect in scale. Here are several examples of things I’ve found in my travels and on the internet, just in the past couple of weeks!

Hubby and I made a trip to Canton, OH to visit a customer of his and on our way back we stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Yeah, you know the place, the restaurant with the cool gift shop/store as you walk in. You have to walk through it just to get a table, and let’s face it, it just sucks you in. I’m no exception, but this trip yielded not only Zotz and Tootsie Rolls, but two things that I can use for my doll:
AG Alt 1
Two pair of glasses, $5.99. If you’ve priced AG glasses, a single pair is nearly double that. Even on Ebay you can buy ones just like this but you are going to pay that much for just one pair, I got two! Samantha is very pleased with them, doesn’t she look cute?
AG Alt 2

AG Alt 3

I also came across these nifty little tape dispensers that are the perfect size. I got the whole card of them for $4.99 and the best part is I can use the decorative tape for card making, double score!

I wanted a little laptop computer for Samantha, finding one wasn’t all that easy and if you do find one of the AG ones on Ebay, they are ridiculously expensive because they are a discontinued item. Then I came across this little cutie:
AG Alt 5
Yeah, it’s a mirror to begin with, but if you print something out as a wallet size, it is very close to fitting, it does need trimmed down a little bit:
AG Alt 6
Not sure if you can see it, but I did a screen capture of the AG webpage! Samantha can check up on what her friends are doing this way. I plan on attaching it using a temporary adhesive so that when the mood strikes, I can change what the screen has on it. I got this on Ebay. A bit of advice–don’t look up American Girl laptop, instead look up Apple Laptop Mirror. I paid only $4.39, free shipping, but if you look around, you will see the same thing advertised for 18″ dolls at 2-3 times the price!

Amazon has a nice selection of stuff for 18 inch dolls but be sure to check out other things–primarily Iwako Japanese Erasers. These are puzzle erasers that can be animals, food, whatever. The detail is amazing! I got this set, including the little tray, for $5.29! It made me hungry just looking at it 🙂
AG Alt 4

Hubby and I stopped at Kmart last week to pick up a few things and I came across this little composition notebook for 79 cents:

AG Alt 8

When all else fails, there is always “make it yourself”!  I made these cute little file folders out of cardstock, found the printables on line.  There are some really neat things all over the internet that you can print or use as inspiration for your own doll projects.

AG Alt 7Have fun coming up with your own ideas, I’d love to hear about them, please share in the comments section!


3 thoughts on “Great Alternatives to American Girl Accessories

  1. Got a bunch if these erasers at Pat Catans in Warren last fall for the Barbs but mine must be smaller-they are super cute. Had to laugh about the Zotz-just got some at P.C.’s last week. Can’t believe they were 4-50 cents. Lots more than what we used to pay but they were SO good.

    • As long it is for personal use, that is fine. I do have a copyright on all work on this blog, so it can’t be sold and please do not take credit for it. Thanks!

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