A Desk for 18 inch Dolls for around $5 or less!

In previous posts I mentioned the little drawers I found at Dollar Tree and how I had a great idea for them. It took me a little while, but I finally found some more of them at another Dollar Tree store. To remind you, they looked like this:
Desk 1

I bought three of them at $1 each. I then took one set of them apart and rearranged them so I had two stacks with three drawers:
Desk 2

I then cut a piece of foam board 16 inches x 7 inches. You could also use cardboard, or if you want something even sturdier, a piece of wood of some sort (plywood, MDF) would also work. I wanted something lightweight and easy to store which is why I chose foam board. Dollar Tree sells 20 inch x 30 inch sheets of foam board for $1.
Desk 3

I covered my board with scrapbook paper, adhering it with super sticky tape. If using a wood product, you could paint it. Just don’t try and spray paint foam board, it will melt!  You could also cover it with Contact Paper, duct tape, fabric, whatever you like.
Desk 4
Desk 5

Now to attach the top to the drawers! I decided Velcro would work perfect for my situation since I wanted to be able to disassemble it for easy storage. You could glue it if you don’t mind a permanent situation. I marked the placement of the drawers on the underside of the desktop.


Desk 6
 Desk 7

Then apply the Velcro to the desk top and the drawers.  I place larger strips on the drawers and smaller pieces on the top so that you can easily adjust the positioning.

Desk 8

Attach both sets of drawers and tada!  A simple desk with lots of work space and storage.  Kit seems to be impressed, doesn’t she?  See how perfect the wire mesh pencil cup is as a trash can?!

Desk 9

All three girls are excited about using the desk to study and do homework.  School will be starting before we know it!

Desk 10

If you decide to make a desk, be sure to post it somewhere and share a link!  I have a chair in the works, I will be sure to share it when I have it finished.


Dolls sized finds for the week!

Like many other doll collectors, I am constantly on the lookout for things that may not be intended for dolls but are the right scale.  This week I made a couple good finds in several different places.

First, I had to go to TJMaxx to pick up something and I ran across these adorable little clothespins for $1.49.  The girl at the checkout even commented on how cute they were!  They were in the stationery section, I think they are intended to be for paper crafting, oh well 😉

Finds 1 Finds 2

A couple of days later I needed to stop by Family Dollar to pick up a few things and came across some more of those fun puzzle erasers–4 in a package for $1. I was really happy to find these as they were shapes I had seen online and wanted. These ones were made in China instead of Japan so the detail isn’t quite as good, but not so much that I don’t think they were a good deal.
Finds 4

Friday night the hubby needed to go see a client in a town about 45 minutes away. I remembered that this area had a Dollar Tree, I rode along so I could stop and see if they had any of those little drawers I showed in a previous post. (they did, stay tuned!) While looking around I came across this neat little desktop pencil holder that will make a perfect trashcan for 18″ dolls.
Finds 3

Last but not least, I needed to make a trip to Pat Catan’s, our local craft store. I found this cute metal washtub, I don’t remember exactly what I paid for it but it was under $3. I figured the girls can use it to give the dog a bath or soak their tired feet in. It was too cute to pass up.
Finds 5

Check in next week to see what I did with those drawers, it turned out even better than I expected. What did you find this week?

Liberty Jane/Pixie Faire Patterns

I’ve been wanting to make some doll clothes for my AG gals.  I have some patterns from McCalls and Simplicity, but they are just okay.  I’ve always found Simplicity patterns difficult to follow at times and some of their instructions make no sense at all.  I had seen some links on Pinterest for patterns made by a company called Liberty Jane but I knew nothing about them, and I didn’t know anyone who had used them, so I was a bit hesitant to spring for a pattern since they aren’t cheap.  One night while doing my usual Pinterest surfing I discovered a link to Liberty Jane that said if you sign up for their mailing list, you get two free patterns.  I figured what the heck, might as well give it a try.  Let me just say that I’m totally hooked and those McCalls and Simplicity patterns may end up on Ebay!

My two free patterns were for a polo shirt and a tank top.  Downloading the patterns was simple, they send you a link in your e-mail to download the PDF file.  Then you can print the entire pattern with instructions or like I did, just print the pages of the pattern pieces, and follow the instructions on your computer.  I reviewed the pattern before printing and I was already impressed, the instructions were very good and offered all sorts of good ideas too.  I decided to try the polo shirt just to see if it was as easy as it looked.

Here’s the finished product–I apologize for the sorry photo, I took it with my iPod.


Isn’t it cute? The only place I had any real issues was sewing in the sleeves, it wasn’t easy making a 1/4″ seam on knit fabric, but I did it! To be honest, I don’t even like sewing sleeves in human sized clothing so this for me was a big challenge. 🙂

What I didn’t realize is that when you sign up for these e-mails, you get a link every Friday for another free pattern!! So far I’ve gotten patterns for yoga pants and a cute t-shirt. Liberty Jane patterns are sold through Pixie Faire and the free patterns can be from a variety of designers. They also have some other patterns that are free on the website that you can download. The selection of patterns to purchase is very large and varied too, you could make something new every week. They also offer patterns for other dolls as well, my mom would have loved the Barbie section! I’ve reviewed all of the freebies I’ve downloaded and they all look just as easy to make as the polo shirt (if not easier!). Samantha, Rebecca and Kit could have a huge wardrobe before this is all over with.

I was so impressed with the polo shirt pattern that I decided to spring for a pattern that I had my eye on before and I am not at all disappointed. It’s probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever sewn with wonderful results–so much so that I’ve used it three times already. I’ll share those with you at a later date. I will say that sewing doll clothes is not a great place for a beginner to learn from, but for someone who has some sewing experience, these patterns are a terrific way to get started on making doll clothing. Check it out and sign up for the newsletter at http://www.libertyjanepatterns.com/ HAPPY SEWING!