Early Birthday Present To Me

Believe it or not, I decided against doll stuff for my birthday!  (Don’t faint.)  Originally I thought I’d get the American Girl bowling alley set, but after thinking about it, decided against it.  It’s big, so storage is an issue and just how much use would I get out of it–not much.  I was debating on what I wanted for my birthday–guitar related stuff, a new lens for my new camera, other doll stuff.  And then this appeared in my Twitter feed.  And I had to have it.  The day it was released I ordered it, and it arrived last week.

Yep, a Lego version of Central Perk from the TV series “Friends”!!  I loved this show and I had to have it.  I’ve always loved Lego, I’m not a collector, but this really caught my eye.

The box is really fun with different sayings from the show.

I was excited to see it even includes Phoebe’s guitar so she can play “Smelly Cat”!

Look at all of those parts…

Thank heavens it comes with a manual!!

I’m really looking forward to working on this.  I still have one of those “mini” rooms to complete too that I started and one that I haven’t even removed from the box.  I definitely have some fun winter projects to do.

Now I just have my fingers crossed that Lego decides to do the Seinfeld Apartment, that one is currently on the Lego Ideas site.  Go vote for it, please!!!!!


Another set I’ve seen is for Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment from Big Bang Theory.  I wasn’t as wild about it, and now it’s hard to find!  What would you like to see them come out with??


Review of My Life As Small Pet Set

My Life As seems to be trying to keep new stuff hitting the store shelves on a regular basis and they keep coming out with really nice sets at a great price.  This set is no exception!  I’d seen it on several others blogs and Instagram accounts, but as always, our area seems to be dead last in getting this stuff in.  Luckily on a recent trip to Walmart, I at long last came across it!

There are a lot of pieces to this set–and it sells for less than $8!  I’m going to break it down in sections for the purpose of this review.

First the cage:

This piece is really well done.  It is actually the right kind of cage for a hamster/gerbil/hedgehog or other small type of animal.  The cage in the American Girl pet set is cute–but as someone who has owned small rodents, you want a cage with grates so air can circulate.  In the bottom is a sheet of paper with a print that makes it look as though it has some sort of bedding base to it.  Also much better than the AG set because the textured surface in theirs makes it next to impossible to keep things in place!

Little critters need some activity and this is where this set really shines.  All of these are replicas of actual items you can buy for small animals with the exception of the teeter totter.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of those, but maybe they do sell them.  It’s not really something I can see them playing on if they do.  Maybe chew on instead?

And of course, you need food!!  A big bag of “food”, a water bottle and a bowl.  The water bottle is my favorite part of these items, it looks very realistic.  The bowl is my least favorite as it’s just a sticker in the bottom.  I may have to make some little food pieces to put in this for a bit more realism.

And of course–animals!! This set comes with a hedgehog AND a hamster! (I told the girls they will have to be careful as it’s not legal in Pennsylvania to own a hedgehog as a pet.  At least it wasn’t the last time I checked!)

Here for comparison is the hamster from the AG set alongside the one from the MLA set:

Both are cute, but I think the MLA set has a better facial expression, more like the hamster I had when I was a kid.

So–here’s where I think they failed.  The cage needed to be just a little bit taller to accomodate the hamster wheel.  I’ve never seen one used outside of a cage.  I suppose you could, but all of the ones I ever owned for any of my little rodent friends I kept in the cage so they could play to their hearts content.

However, they made up for this with a major plus.  There is a peg on the wheel and the teeter totter so they stay in place!!

(The hamster is never going to win the teeter totter battle, the hedgie is way heavier…)

On the bottom of each of the animals is a hole.  I think this is a very clever idea and kudos to MLA for thinking of it!

Even with the few minor shortcomings in this set, I think it is well worth the price.  Good job My Life As!!  I look forward to see what else they come up with next.


Review Of Our Generation “Slumber Party Set”

I’ve had this set for a while and I keep putting off writing a review of it.  Recently I was in Target and saw it was still available for sale, so I decided NOW was the time!!

This was a gift from Xyra at Tea Time From Melody Q.  She lives on the other side of the state and I find it interesting how we find totally different sets at our local stores at different times.  The marketing on this line still puzzles me…

Here it is all out of the package.  Just four pieces but all well done!

I asked Kanani to help me with the blanket, she was happy to oblige.  It’s very cute with a different design on each side and it’s a decent size.  It’s not really a blanket for sleeping, more of a throw to keep your legs warm or a nice picnic blanket.


A bottle of sparkling orange juice…not exactly sure what that is, I’ve honestly never had it.  Anyone??  Is it good?  It’s still really cute.

The bowl of popcorn is awesome.  It’s a small bowl, unlike one I recently got in another set.  And it looks as though when they made this popcorn, they tossed a bunch of marshmallows in it as well, yum!



Also included is a cute invite to the slumber party.  It’s reversible, English on one side, French on the other.  Which I find intriguing, why French??? I realize Our Generation is sold in Canada, but I’ve seen it in Ireland as well and I’m sure it’s sold in quite a few other countries too.  Inquiring minds would like to know.

Overall a really cute set with nice mix and match pieces with endless possibilities!  I give it an A+.